Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 46 / Solution

Attempt - failure  

B1 is the most plausible move, but W4 is the tesuji for w and white can make two eyes at a.
So b should find a way to prevent two eyes at a by sente.

Main line - success  

Of course B1 is the next candidate. If w responds at W2 or a, B3 will work this time.

B3 bad - failure  

So w will resist at W2, and B3 won't work this time.

Variation - success  

For w at W2, B3 is the right answer.

Attempt - failure  

B3 after B1 is bad.


unkx80: I seem to recall reading somewhere that W2 is the best resistance, and as a result, the best Black can do is to capture the white+circle stones and let White live.

Continuation, strongest?  

hhw: Looks like B3 still kills?

Continuation, variation  

The Original Problem  

shevious: The number 8 in the title means that number of white stones were eight.
Go Seigen said that "the original is incomplete, so Utaro added three stones."

w alive  

The flaw occurs in hhw's variation. Unlike the above variation, white is alive in the original problem.

unkx80: Thanks shevious. I posted that variation in a hurry without verification, and now I am caught with my pants down.
shevious: Your recalling was almost correct and quite helpful. I didn't realize the flaw of the original shape until you and hhw commented about the variations.

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