Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 331 / Solution


Simply trying to get out doesn't work.

Failure (continued)  

Black is captured in a snap-back after W18 at white+circle.


The solution is the nose tesuji of B1.

W2 must go down. White cannot escape upward, as after the escape sequence a, b, c, d, e, the potential ladder in the first failure diagram (after W7 in that diagram) would work.

With B3-B9, Black pushes white around in a loose ladder.

Solution (2)  

W12 is an important tesuji: if played immediately at W14, Black plays at W12 himself, and White has only two liberties. Now B15, etc. repeat the same maneuver on the right, and we get to...

Solution (3)  

After W28, the position is symmetric again.

Solution (4)  

Now for the really tricky part (it is easier if White captures): the incredible B33, breaking the symmetry at last!! And Black concludes with a double atari at b, on the last point of symmetry. :-)

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