Keywords: Software

Author: Joachim Pimiskern
License: proprietary
Price: none (sept.'12)
Category: player
Operating system: Windows
Reads format(s): 'xml'[1]
Writes format(s): 'xml'
Languages: English, de, nl, sl
Stable Version: 7.14 (dec.'11)
Development status: active
Programming language: MS Vis.Studio2005-C#
Homepage: [ext]
Size of installer: 100kby
System needs: WinXP, .NET2 (vers.6=Win95)
Can connect itself by GTP: ?
Strongest play: 25kyu?[2]
Infos last checked:

AUGOS is a program developed by Joachim Pimiskern since 1987. He wants to test his theories about artificial intelligence.

The program is available for free from its [ext] homepage. Despite the release text that says "only in german" the latest version can be set to English, Dutch, Slowenian or German. Current version is 7.0 as of December 2011. This can be set to play with Japanese or Chinese rules.

Unique Features

  • Plays on square boards from 2x2 to 21x21

Users Comments

  • It seems that AUGOS does not use opening libraries, so the opening looks a bit unusual sometimes. The program plays very weak moves in the midgame, I would estimate it's total strength around or below 25k.
  • TheBigH: These seem to me to be fairly credible programs, though somewhat buggy. The more complete version is number 6, which is roughly comparable in strength to TurboGo; perhaps a little weaker strategically but somewhat stronger at fighting. It's a bit buggy though. You can't load saved games, and attempting to undo a move screws up the whole board. Also, you're limited to 19x19.

    The next version, number 7, has repaired the savegame bug and allows you to play on any sized square board from 2x2 to 21x21. As of 21/4/2012 it is unfortunately very much weaker than any other program I have seen.
  • RueLue (v.7.14, oct.'12):
  1. [2]Program info: "Automatic Player" - I had the impression, it played nearly random. 25kyu? more of 40 kyu! but o.k. I tried only a hand full moves. Can it be connected with gtp? KGS would prove the 40 kyu :-).
  2. 5x5 game, machine has black, no komi: the machine passes.
  3. Click 5...10 times on the board, while the machine is thinking, and some stones of your color appear. Oh! - the machine catches sometimes up and collects some points of territory ... and doesn't defend this.
  4. When resizing the board window, the board doesn't automatically resize to quadratic.
  5. It cannot be used as editor.
  6. Not setting color for engine or who to begin the game may lead to white playing first.
  7. You can set a count of prisoners to give white or black before the game (so e.g. give black 5 stones and white can begin or give 50 prisoners as handicap). No usual handicap can be given.
  8. Game setup is not saved - you need to adjust the game settings for every game new. Default is: machine plays black (o.k.) and human (with white) begins.
  9. Time: hours? minutes? seconds? - o.k., when the game starts, you see: seconds!
  10. What about a readme file in the download?
  11. Why the button "Clear Board"?
  12. The program could start the game window fitted into the program window.
  13. No textures for board and stones. This is no problem, when it speaks gtp to connect it to another GUI.
  14. The program should ask, when I want to trash an ongoing game.



[1] Augos7 saves and loads files with extension "xml", but these are not the XML Game Format:

    <AddWhite at="D4" />
    <AddBlack at="D16" />
    <AddWhite at="P16" />
    <AddBlack at="Q4" />

This is in contrast to Augos6, which handled sgf/mgt and loaded its own 2 formats ".aug" (game) and ".stl" (position).

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