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China Weiqi Association

The Zhongguo Qiyuan has its home base in Beijing.

Address: No.80, East Road of Heaven Temple, Beijing

Phone: 51029123

FAX: 6711612

地址:北京天坛东路80号 电话:51029123 传真:6711612

Tiandi Jian

Japanese style go salon. Very nice, but somewhat expensive (especially by Chinese standards). Still well worth a visit if you're in town.

Address: Zhushikou east road, building 5 (珠市口东大街 5 号, zhūsh́kǒu dōng dà jiē 5 hào), door 10. Near subway stations CiQiKou (line 5) and ChongWenMen (blue circle line 2)

See Tiandi Jian for further info, pictures, and directions

Beijing Go Club

The Beijing Go Club now (October 2016) meets every Tuesday night from roughly 7:30 to 10:30 at a cafe near Dong Si station downtown. Details are on the website. Check out [ext] http://beijinggoclub.com for updated information. It's within 10 minutes by taxi from most of the city, so give it a shot!

We have about 10-15 people weekly during the summer, from kgs 6d to beginners, plus a few pros/near pros stop by sometimes. We're about half local / half foreign and everyone is welcome. We also have some really good teachers & welcome beginners to come play or just watch. There are also lots of international visitors stopping by during the summer for conferences or traveling. So come by and say hello!

New players are highly encouraged and supported here. For more information, please visit [ext] http://www.beijinggoclub.com/

Xuanxuanhai Weiqi classroom

adress:Room 509, beijing qianyan school, No. 19, yuandalu, haidianqu, beijing city (on the north side of 100 meters to the west of the jinyuanshidai shopping mall),take bus 355、851、996、664、619、yuntong bus 101、118、114、116 and get off at yuanda stop. Tel:86-010-59792313 北京玄玄海围棋教室 北京市海淀区远大路19号北京前沿教育培训学校509室(金源时代购物中心西100米路北),可乘355、851、996、664、619、运通101、118、114、116等公交车在远大路站下车。

Shan center

Just opened new studio invites you to study weiqi (for beginners). Please visit our site [ext] http://www.shan-center.cn/en for any further information.

Weiqi Buluo (Xizhimen branch)

Closed as of September 2016.

Go salon open seven days per week in the northwest of Beijing, 10 minutes walk from Xizhimen (西直门) subway station.

Some pics of an event to mark the opening in 2015 can be seen [ext] here. Shows boards, stones, playing venue etc.

Prices range from 25 yuan up to a daily maximum of 50 yuan depending on how long you stay (as of 2016).

Address: 北京市西直门外大街18号金贸大厦B座1610

Zhong Yi Go Salon

Zhong Yi Go Salon (众弈围棋会所) officially opened in May 2016 by Cai Jing (蔡竞) 6p. It is located near Guangqumennei (广渠门内) subway station in the southeast of Beijing.

Some pictures showing the venue during the opening ceremony can be seen [ext] here.

Address: 北京东城区广渠门富贵园一区3号楼1单元底商(尼奥大厦斜对面,地铁广渠门内站附近)


There are many places (like 20 at my knowledge)but all quite remote and moving sometimes. The biggest is in the center of the town beside the holliday inn.

nelssonI think I found this.. It's in the center, just on the street behind the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza (a very big luxurious hotel). It can be quite hard to find though, since the entrance is small and looks pretty much like a restaurant (when I got there they were actually selling food on the entrance). No entrance fee, 100RMB deposit for a board and stones, tea 5RMB, refilling the cup is free. Oh.. It's just next to a barber shop, good luck finding it. :)

_ ikktomuseyokkis: I traveled all over China for a year. Chengdu, with its teahouse/weiqi culture, its fondness for traditional characters and a way of life that predates the cultural revolution, was by far the best city I saw for playing go. I loved my time in that city and would happily live there any day, though family matters keep me elsewhere.

Haytil (5/1/17): I recommend visiting the "Chengdu Chess Institute" (really a Go and Chess institute), who may put you in touch with someone that can direct you to a Go-players Teahouse. Be warned that the native players at such teahouses play for real money (gambling) and can be quite strong (their weakest player was probably around 4-Kyu KGS when I visited). When I visited (6-kyu KGS), they were polite enough to play me a game for free. They also will probably not be able to speak English. [ext] http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/listings/item/che_33086/chengdu_chess_institute


_★☆★☆★☆★☆ Shanghai Weiqi(Go)classroom__ Run by a Go tutor (KGS 7d),who teaches Go in english.His email:seeker.w@gmail.com His webpage is [ext] http://goplayer.blog.sohu.com/ He replies fast to your email request.


  • 2012New Open Go Club
  • Welcome Visitor
  • Every Day-13:00~22:00
  • Welcome Beginner
  • with Beer or Cofee
  • for more infomaition "sotaro1981@live.jp"
  • [ext] http://goclub.utun.net/


  • (last update: Sep 2012) Come join us at Julie's (next to Hai'Ou Fang at lujiazui) every Saturday from 2h30 pm to ~ 6 pm. For more information, you can send a mail at shanghai-weiqi AT googlegroups.com or join the Shanghai International Weiqi Community on KGS.
  • 1,南京西路591弄4号 (sep 2013: the house doesnt exist anymore)
  • 2,静安区常德路809号415室 (sep 2013: the house doesnt exist anymore)
  • Fuxing-parc (go players seem to meet at least saturday noon)
  • Xiang-Yang-Parc

(source: [ext] http://www.dgob.de/yabbse/index.php?topic=2081.0)

  • Duolun Lu (south of Lu-Xun-Parc, between Sichuan Beilu and Boashan Lu)

([ext] http://www.dgob.de/yabbse/index.php?topic=2081.msg137362#msg137362, includ. photos)

  • Heping Gongyuan (和平公园, Heping Park)

daily 7 - 17.oo o'clock,
(source: [ext] http://www.dgob.de/yabbse/index.php?topic=2081.msg138376#msg138376 )

  • there's another one which I might visit today, only got directions until now,

near fujian beilu/zhonglu, east of Zheijiang zhonglu, north of Fuzhou lu,
not yet a proper address

Did some walking around yesterday. 809 Changde Road is now a construction site. The park opposite Jing An Temple was interesting, but no wei qi this time. I have seen a few people playing wei qi in the SE corner of the park on other days, but yesterday only Chinese chess and card games.

  • Shanghai Holiday Weiqi Club (Every Second Sunday of the month. Location: i-NOD Coffee, No.247, Lane99, Wanding Road, Minhang district, Southwest part of Shanghai, not far from the Metro Line 1 terminal Xinzhuang Station)

([ext] http://www.reddit.com/r/shanghai/comments/xhwtb/go%E5%9B%B4%E6%A3%8Bweiqibaduk_in_shanghai/, bottom of the post)

([ext] http://weibo.com/weiqiclub)

Ben Ge Weiqi Ju Le Bu (本格围棋俱乐部)

As of 03/31/2017, this is a school for Go that's open all week. Most of the attendees are kids, brought by their parents. Sunday has more people, and during the week, people usually attend later in the day because of work. There are probably not any English speakers at this club.

The entrance is a bit difficult to find, but it's there. Address: 武夷路418弄1号武定大厦4E [ext] https://www.dianping.com/shop/69034592


1. 南汽宿舍,易初莲花旁的欣欣棋社

Xinxin Go Club, close to YiChu Lotus, Dormitory of Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation [ext] http://www.nanqi.com.cn/

(source: [ext] http://www.xici.net/b4978/d89636683.htm)

2. 时来运转茶馆, 秦淮区仙鹤街42号

Shi Lai Yun Zhuan Tea House, Qinhuai District Xianhe Street 42, 2nd floor (New address, May 2018)

Tel: 025-52239999 / 025-86558506


Fuzhou (on the coast roughly halfway from Hong Kong to Shanghai) was the birthplace of Go Seigen (in Chinese Wu Qingyuan). There is a small museum with an area for play. See [ext] https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Fuzhou#Do.

See also: HongKongGoAssociation

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