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DragonN? I recently ventured into cyberoro and give kgs a break, I'm 1d on Kgs, On oro, I'm 4d..... What is the meaning of this? IF more people from KGS try cyberoro, it's a weak server to me.

mdm: It means the rating system sucks. I'm 2-3k on KGS and started playing on my old Oro account again. I'm 17k there but still I lose most of my games.

mdm: To follow up my previous comment. Once you come out of the "sandbagger zone" (~15k and lower), the ratings become much more consistent with KGS. I'm 7k now on Oro and I win about 75% of my games with 50 points or more. So 2k should be within reach.

ilan: I played a game today January 6, 2005, in which I was winning, and the scoring showed that I was 10 points ahead. When the window came up saying that I had won the game, the Cyberoro program froze up and I had to reboot my computer. When I reconnected, the game was gone, and in fact, it was impossible to find a record of any of my games. Asking for help in the lobby didn't work too well. I received what seemed to be insults, but finally someone managed to explain to me that this is a Cyberoro bug that you just have to accept.

So far, I have seen no other Western player on this server.

kkv?: It's true there aren't many westerners on this server, but the sheer # of high dan games are enough reason for me to use it ... honestly, I have never seen a bigger audience (4000+) or higher dan players on any other servers (kgs,igs)...though ofcourse, every server has its own good and bad points so I use them all :) The players over there seemed stronger to me .. atleast 5 stones from my kgs rank.. that ofcourse depends on person to person.

F0RTE: Anyone know why the people in the chat box keep saying 'foreign language'?

They don't actually say 'foreign language' just that whatever they say is said in a foreign language and the server/client's censoring it...

mdm: I found that it only displays "foreign language" if your message contains non-ascii characters (e.g. German umlauts) that the client cannot display. So typing English should work.

One thing though - Is the chat transparent between the main and the rooms? It's kinda confusing.. o_O Reuven

cdude: Most people observe games from 'outside' so any chat is global.

ilan: If I understand correctly, when you chat using the phrases which the server offers you (my favourite is "have you eaten something?") then other users will see these phrases in the language of the client they are using. However, if people do not use the server's phrases, then you will see "foreign language" if it is in another client language.

LordOfPi: Did somebody understand how the betting system works?

GrandYan: Anytime I try to bet, a message always comes up saying that betting only available to Korean servers. This probably means that only Korean client users or those who have Korea as their nationality can bet on a game. (It does not mean a bet can only be made in Server korea 1, Korea 2, or Korea 3)

As for betting itself, you have to bet before 50 moves are up. Press the 'betting' button, and a box wioll come up. There you can choose the amount of money you want to bet.

ilan: It seems that there is a problem with the Cyberoro software when computing territories at the end of the game. In particular, if you click on one point to declare it neutral (because it will eventually have to be filled for some reason), Cyberoro automatically declares all points connected to this point as also being neutral. Since I don't know how to go back to continue playing the game after agreeing to do scoring, it seems worthwhile to play out all neutral points before getting to the scoring phase.

minue622 ilanpi, sorry, but i dont agree.

In my thought, << a girl who counts off the Byo-yomi >> is best!!! feature of 'cyber- oro'. Without it, I would not use 'cyber-oro' anymore. The voice of her makes me stronger, probably you too.

ilan: Unfortunately, there are no more Byo-yomi girls in the English version of the program. I just found out that the women who do the Byo-yomi are actually Korean professional players.

cdude: Too bad the byoyomi is counted upwards (but not always!). So I have to do some quick math to figure out how much time is left. Not hard math, but it is distracting when trying to concentrate.

KLu: Lately I experience problems to log on Cyber Oro. It checks my user's information for ever. Tried to reinstall several times without success. Anyone experienced the same?

Fenris: I have just tried to play my first game on wBaduk. The connection broke halfway through. When I reconnected, all the windows were blank. No "Rooms' list" (sic), no "Users Waiting", nothing. I would like to apologise to my opponent for the broken connection. I would like to complete the game. But I don't know how to. Is there a large manual, partially translated from Korean, wherein the answer lies? I'm now reluctant to use wBaduk as I don't want to risk this happening again.

Qopat: I have this problem as well. Does anyone know if there is a fix available or something? Also, it's probably best if you do not bother to change your client password because the server will not recognize it once it's done. I've tried to change the pass once and it would not allow me to log on. I tried going back to the webbie to change it back, but it would not let me log in. Be aware.

cdude: I did not have a problem changing password once I found where it was. (it's on the web site, not the client)

cdude: Does anybody know the significance of the continuous sand sifting noises, or how to turn it off?

robw: I don't know the significance, but I believe it is the sound of a "hand" digging around in the bowl for a stone. It really does not seem to correspond with the game though. It does not do it consistently for each move and I am confused on how it should work... it seems like it should be part of the sound of the stone hitting the board.. but sometimes it seems to happen, lets say, 10 seconds before a move. So yeah.. no idea there.

cdude: Does anyone know the meaning of this dialog? [ext] http://www.intramagic.com/OroDialog.png I get this every few days. ... Ok, someone told me this is an ad for pro lessons or a simul. I wish it would not come up while I'm playing.

RueLue: Firefox warns me, that cyberoro (world.cyberoro.com) is on the list of attacking websites.
20 pages of allover 226 pages of this site, which have been tested by google over the past 90 days, tried to install malware on the users computers. Last test with suspicious content found: 2009-05-02. Malicious software includes 236 scripting exploit(s).
(To read the the complete warning (2009-may-09:
[ext] http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?client=Firefox&hl=en&site=http://world.cyberoro.com/
safeweb.norton.com doesn't see any problem. - Opinions?

LazyPirate?: Hi, i only played on KGS and IGS so far and wanted to look into Cyberoro. I tried to register and filled out the forms. Nickname was still free and i got to the Thanks for registering page. But i never got E-mail. After some days i tried to register again and the nickname was taken than, so the account should be created, i just didnt get the mail. I looked into Spam folder etc. but didnt find any mail from cyberoro. Is there something wrong with Cyberoro, or dont they like Googlemail Accounts?

Born2BeKyu?: Havin' the same problem here. No matter which email address I try to use.

tapir: i have the same problem, there is a godiscussions thread and a forum page here on sl about the topic. i even wrote an email (in english to the support) all to no avail.

Dude: anyone know why it keeps saying "foreign language" although my Computer has CJK locales installed? If I use Orobaduk client, I see everything in Korean just fine, but if I use WBaduk so I can get english menus, then I just see "foreign language" in chat, so does WBaduk client censor chat because the creators think that english users are not allowed to read any asian chat, while OroBaduk client does not get censored? It's highly annoying, sometimes they say interesting things on korean which I can put into online translator easily to follow the discussion.

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