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Ruler of the Hill

Upper Valley Go Club

Japanese Rules 45 minutes each, 15 minutes per 25 stones byo-yomi Komi: 6.5, all games even

When entering your changes, please make sure to check the minor edit box, so as not to annoy SL denizons who are have nothing to do with UVGC.

  • Form teams. (2 or 3 teams if there are many players)
  • Sign up, make sure that the players are distributed evenly in strength so everyone can play and have fun, try to test their mettle.
  • Pick your team
  • First game winner shall be ruler of the hill by which anyone on the opposing team can challenge.
  • If the player loses, then the player shall be eliminated from the event.
  • The tournament will proceed until all of players on a team are eliminated.
  • The signups will last few days. Signups will close on Saturday at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Any player on the team not currently occupying the hill may challenge the current occupant of the hill.
  • First game will be played Sunday, April 2nd, 2006, time TBD.
  • Winning team earns bragging rights until next Ruler of Hill Tournament.

Sign up below.

Hill / 擂台:

King pux "What me worry?"

Fallen Kings:

  1. King Eksu "Machine Killer"
  2. King Stormer "X Murderer"
  3. King Edison "the Wanted"
  4. King Lion0 "of the Jungle"


  • Most Consecutive Wins: pux 3 Wins
  • Most Consecutive Wins for No Pressure Team: pux 3 Wins
  • Most Consecutive Wins for Skull and Crossbones: Stormer/LionO 2 Wins

Pux's no pressure team 

  • Remaining Members (7):
  1. pux (captain)
  2. Launch "I'm in cardiac arrest" pad
  3. Just... Death.
  4. Mef
  5. coolkid444?
  6. nachtrabe
  7. Mi circadian
  • Eliminated Members:
  1. Eksu (Eliminated by Stormer [ext] B+16.5)
  2. Drimgere (Eliminated by Stormer [ext] W+4.5)
  3. Edison (Eliminated by LionO [ext] W+R)
  4. Olczyk (Eliminated by LionO [ext] B+53.5)

Skull and Crossbones

  • Remaining Members (5)
  1. Jway "El Capitan" to Go
  2. Gryn "Bad Eggs" Garkin
  3. ScatCat? "Cat o' Nine Tails"
  4. Ruu "Freaky Stalker" tana
  5. DavidB "Last Saskatchewan Pirate - Yarr!"
  • Eliminated:
  1. HandTalk (Eliminated by Eksu [ext] W+7.5)
  2. NannyOgg (Eliminated by Eksu [ext] B+4.5) This game was [ext] reviewed by sendol
  3. Stormer (Eliminated by NoSide? [ext] W+R)
  4. LionO (Eliminated by pux [ext] B+R)
  5. Vallen (Eliminated by pux [ext] W+R)
  6. FlameBlade (Eliminated by pux [ext] B+R)

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