Upper Valley Go Club/ May League

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The Upper Valley Go Club May League

  • Self-Paired Round Robin
  • Time: 10:00 + 5x0:30
  • Handicap: Even game

Players entered, and ranks

  • Stormer [1k]
  • elfking [12k]
  • KawaiiNeko? [7k]
  • mpowers [4k]
  • wutu [4d]
  • evilgo [2d]
  • Fadel [?]
  • MugeiMumei? [6k]
  • Nugatory [?]
  • Joshuatan [9k]
  • FlameBlade [1d]
  • Nemoneko [5k]
  • hemb [5k]
  • Calm [5k]
  • RikiTiki [?]
  • coolkid444 [7k]
  • Prodigious [3d]
  • jcary [10k]
  • ryst
  • nathaniel2

How To Play

  • Play one game against everyone else on the list.
  • When you play, both of you should state clearly that it is a UVGC May League game (for the sake of clarity, and in case of disputes).
  • After your game, leave a message for mpowers containing the names of the players and the result. mpowers will update my spreadsheet and the win/loss count on this page.
  • Since sensei's doesn't do tables, I will keep a spreadsheet of all the pairings and results to date. Feel free to message me if you need a list of people you haven't played yet, or are curious about the overall league results.

Results so far

* FlameBlade 1-0
* elfking 0-2
* RikiTiki 4-0
* Nemoneko 0-2
* Hemb 0-1
* Calm 1-1

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