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white is alive?  

xela: The white stones on the right seem to be alive, with eyes at a and b. Black can try the eye-stealing tesuji of c, but white replies at d and lives.


xela: The best continuation I can find is B1 and B3, threatening to capture white's centre group. Then B5 makes ko.

variation: also ko  

If white tries to avoid the ko by playing W1, then B2 causes a shortage of liberties that makes B4 possible.

(If white plays W5 at B6, then B6 at W5, white a, black b.)

LukeNine45: W5 at B8 leaves two ways to make another eye, no?

xela: Um, (looks sheepish), yes.

order is important  

If black tries B1 and B3 in the reverse order, white can defend at W2 then connect with the tesuji at W4.

variation: Black lives?  

pwaldron: How about this?

a and b are miai for life.

xela: I keep oscillating between "look, black can make a ko this way!" and "no, white is alive, why did black resign?"

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