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[10] White to move  

[20] White to move  

tderz: I could imagine W1 to B10.
White a , Black b follow,
whereupon Black c and d are miai.

If White thinks of hane e during these exchanges,
Black retreats safely with f or connects at b sooner,
as he always has the peep g.

I think White cannot get life there.
(Have to admit that I consider it a negligence
that at least trying such sequences did not occur to me during the game)

kb: Try another W1 - I think yours is not devious enough... White can get something... ...Oh - I forgot to include the row just above the top row. Makes a big difference. I added it to both diagrams.

[30] White to move  

tderz: kb, it seems to dawn on me .... (Germanism)
W1 is a possibility, if black a then cut b gives aji c or extension d.
Notwithstanding that aji c might not work for White,
I'll continune with blocking hane d for the moment.

[40] an idea  

tderz: B4 is very careful (cooncerning only the lower side),
let's assume its necessity for the moment ...
yet it could be played at c.
Now even after an exchange m-n, the points p, q are miai and White would live.
However , it depends on the right premises,
i.e. was B4 necessary and had it to be played there?

I think that was your idea.

[50] White to move  

tderz: refutation?

[60] the inside cut - variation (1)  

tderz: W3 to W5 doesn't need to be played.
W9 at x reverts to s.th. similar as [20].

[70] the inside cut - variation (2)  

tderz: B2 prepares the stone-tower tesuji. B8 cannot be caught.
White seems dead

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