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The main line, as often seen in life-and-death problems, is this sequence from B1 to B7.

Here, B3 reduces the number of liberties of the W2 chain to only two, so B5 becomes an atari which nullifies the possible eye at W6.


If W2 is played, then B3 connects and White does not have enough eye space to make two eyes [1].


B1 is a failure because it results in a ko.

A few moves  

W3 seems to denote a willingness to save the corner, but then the tenuki at W5 lets Black kill it.

13 moves later  

13 moves later, W1 does not revive the corner but creates endgame aji.

Reference: [ext] Link to game record in GoBase


Playing it all out  

Black can tenuki here at B9. If White captures at W0


B1 recaptures and White is dead.

AWA's questions about the solution have been moved to /discussion.

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