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B How about this?  
B Reasoning  

Gronk: White's stones in bottom right are captured

zinger: But instead, white can play W2 at B5. Next B2 fails because white a captures two stones. And if black connects at a, then white b. I remember looking at this problem awhile back and not finding anything exciting. (later) On second thought, maybe black just plays B3 anyway ... white still has problems.

LukeNine45: Hmm, I think white has to give the stones up. W2 at B5 fails for white on a larger scale: (see next diagram)

Disastrous (for white) capturing race  
B The best I found  

zinger: This is the best I have found so far, just linking underneath. Now black threatens a-b-c. White could avoid this with W2 at b, but then B3 is atari. (later) See above ... I'm no longer sure this is best.

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