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Attempt 1  

Walin: How about W1 ?

Bob McGuigan: W1 is not the tesuji from the game, but it works. Some other responses from Black need to be checked, though. For example, what if B2 is at W5?

Variation 1  

Walin: I think it might go like this.

Variation 2  

W7 connects at B4

Variation 3  

Walin: B2 in here seems not to work either.

W9 captures at W1

Walin: I think it might go like this.


Variation 4  

(Tomas 6k): After B2, whites attempt seems to fail.

Variation 4a  

Bill: How about W3?

Variation 4a continued  

Tomas?: It becomes more complex, but it still seems to work for white. W9 must fill at B2, and black a kills. W5 at W7 doesn't help.

Variation 4 (cont.)  

Bill: Yes, W3 in variation 4a loses at least one liberty. ;-)

But let's back up. In your original variation, after white+circle, black+circle does not kill. Each player has 2 dame left. White can afford W1.

(See Variation 2, above.)

Attempt 2  

Walin: Looks like descending to P19 works too.

Variation 1  

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