Ten Games of DangHu

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The Ten Games of DangHu (當湖十局) are a collection of ten games played by Fan Xiping and Shi Ding'an during the Qing Dynasty (circa 1739) while employed to teach the two sons of the Zhang family of Zhejiang Province. DangHu (or TangHu or PingHu) is a former name of the province. Eight of the games are considered to be masterpieces. Each player won five of the ten. Chen Zude has written a detailed commentary on each of the games. The games begin with 4 stones (2 white and 2 black) placed on the star points of the four corners. (Our method of starting with an empty board is a relatively recent innovation.) John Fairbairn has written an [ext] article (dead link) about these two players.

  1. The First Game of Dang Hu
  2. The Second Game of Dang Hu
  3. The Third Game of Dang Hu
  4. The Fourth Game of Dang Hu
  5. The Fifth Game of Dang Hu
  6. The Sixth Game of Dang Hu
  7. The Seventh Game of Dang Hu
  8. The Eighth Game of Dang Hu
  9. The Ninth Game of Dang Hu
  10. The Tenth Game of Dang Hu

The games listed here are not under copyright but the commentaries are. Therefore, the coverage of these games on SL has been discontinued.

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