Suzuki Nishimura Style


Suzuki-Nishimura style is a formation of two stones devised by professional Suzuki Etsuo for five-stone handicap go. It was later applied to even games, and then taken up by an amateur pupil of his, Nishimura Osamu (西村 修). As Miyamoto Naoki said, it is "a pattern that Suzuki 8-dan of the Kansai Kiin devised, so they are generally known as 'Suzuki style', but since Suzuki's pupil Nishimura liked to use them they are also called 'Nishimura style.'"[1]

Suzuki-Nishimura formation  

The formation consists of two stones placed as follows.

Handicap application 1  

In handicap go, once the formation is in place the opponent may feel obliged to try and erase the side. Coming in at W1, White quickly comes under severe attack putting Black into an overwhelming position.

If W1 @ W3, then B4, W5, B6, W1, and B2 create the same position. If White extends to 'a' instead, then Black uses his formation to play 'b'.

Handicap application 2  

Another uncomfortable situation for White. If White 'a,' then Black 'b'.

Handicap application 3  

Invading in the corner gives Black influence that works perfectly with the two center-stone formation and gives Black sente.

Handicap application 3 cont. 1, W13 @ black+triangle  

B14 was considered a good continuation in this position.

Handicap application 4  

If White tries to thwart Black's attempt to create the formation, then B4 leaves White just as perplexed and begins to build Black's corner.

Handicap application 5: Fujisawa Hosai v. Nishimura Osamu 1973  

Nishimura builds the formation in a two-stone handicap game against Fujisawa Hosai and ends up winning.

Even application 1: Hashimoto Utaro v. Suzuki Etsuo 1969  

Suzuki plays the style in a 1969 game against Hashimoto Utaro.

Even application 2: Nishimura Osamu v. Chen Hanbin 1983  

Nishimura builds the formation at the 1983 Japan-Taiwan Amateurs Match and wins by one.

[1] Source: Go World, Iss. 1 p. 48.

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