StrangeThingsHappenAtTheOneTwoPoint/Problem 6 Attempts

I should come back and try this one thoroughly later, but my instinct says black lives trivially.

The block in the center will form an eye if attacked, and denying one eye in the corner with black to move looks impossible. Black at 2-2 gives three eye options. -JH

Problem 6  

unkx80: You mean B1 here? But when W2 ataris, I think the only way for B3 to live is through a ko - which is a failure.

Problem 6  

I misread the thing. This is the intended continuation, but after 4, it is dead anyway. Back to the drawing board. -JH

Karl Knechtel: Like this, I think.

One eye in the corner at least, and the second eye above  
Both 1-2 points = 2 eyes, because B can't cut at a (see last diagram)  
If W takes the other 1-2 point, B will have enough liberties to squeeze in the corner  
W can't cut here  


W2 is stubborn, but B3 makes a second eye.


If W2 takes this eye, B3 lives fairly big.

You're right; the descent is better than taking the other 1-2 point, of course.

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