Singing When Playing


I'm afraid I am guilty of this bad behaviour. Besides a Go player, I am a singer too. Maybe it is not so much singing, but I certainly do whistle while playing. Club members have already complained about this, the problem is that I do it unconciously. Of course I shouldn't and it is distracting and insulting for the opponent.

-- DieterVerhofstadt

Tamsin: Dieter forgot to mention that he tends to whistle when he's losing. He did that to me once and it proved to be useful information :-)

It seems that I have this same habit (not singing actually but humming quietly). Some of the members at a club I play at were kidding me recently. Apparently I only do it when (I think) I am winning!


I just had an interesting afternoon playing at a Go club in New York City in a Korean area of the city. There were six or seven other players in the room, and many of them would occasionally sing a little song during the games. It was actually very pleasant and a neat experience -- it especially went well with the Korean radio station in the background, which was playing Korean pop music and discussing Serbia.

-- Matt Noonan

There's a very good friend of mine who starts softly whistling a soft tune when he understands he's in dire straits... So I welcome this habit of his, as it means I'm winning... ;-)


I believe there are also plenty of songs about go?

The best way to get kicked out the club is undoubtely to hum 'Get Over', Hikaru no Go opening theme

i don't usually humm or sing when i play go instead i tap on the table in which i am playing which is sometimes more annoying than singing. Sometimes when i play on KGS i start typing in useless chat when i am playing a game lol.naruto3

Heh heh, I still remember that habit from when I played you once, a few years ago on KGS. =) --Isildur

I've been guilty of this. My club plays at a Coffee House, and they play various songs on the intercom, and I've been known to (quietly) sing along. I'm sure this is annoying for my opponent, but i suppose it wasn't annoying enough since he still handily beat me :)


Just a comment on this, the excellent book The Gamesman's Guide: How To Win Games Without Actually Cheating notes that it's distracting, annoying and bad 'gamesmanship' to whistle or sing while it's your opponents turn, but it's probably merely good gamesmanship to sing / whistle during your turn. He particularly recommends getting a song wrong repeatedly. Perhaps this is different in go, when your opponent wishes to think while you play? In any event, I would say you should by all means pursue this.


Basti: There are several guys at my club who recite poems during our club meetings. It's quite funny actually ^^.

Back in 1986, I visited the San Francisco go club when it was still in the synagogue turned Buddhist temple turned go club. Apart from reviving childhood memories of horror and boredom (the inside was disturbingly similar to the synagogue where I was forced to attend Hebrew School), another weird aspect of this experience were the numerous aged Oriental go players humming unrecognizable tunes (to me anyway, my knowledge of Oriental musical repertoire being essentially nil). Unfortunately, the club had to move, and last year I went to check out the old building which now seems to be a rest home (so not that different from a go club, in some sense).


RBerenguel: I don't think singing in your ow turn is a bad thing... but technically, you can go away and sing. I've done this a few times as chess player, go away in my turn and take a break, drink a coffee and such. (yeah, maybe that's why I lost so often)

ilanpi: The SF Go Club is now at 8th and Anza ( I visited there a few times when I was a complete newbie, and they still randomly burst into song. I'm so glad to see someone else mention it, because this was my first exposure to Go. Freaked me out and intimidated me a bit, but these days it probably wouldn't bother me. It was interesting, to say the least.

-- P7A77

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