Retaining Chipped Stones


Retaining chipped stones, or leaving chipped stones in your bowls to torment your next opponent, is a bad habit. If you own a set of stones and some of them are chipped, remove them from your bowl and discard them immediately.

Chipped stones have a detrimental effect on the game. They look tacky and lopsided because they often are unbalanced and they feel awful to the touch. The sharp, unnatural and unexpected edge against one’s nail is highly disconcerting – not unlike the sound of nails drawn across a chalk-board.

Do not assume that your opponent will be happy to play with your chipped stones simply because they do not bother you. That is extremely rude and presumptuous.

Glass is particularly vulnerable to chipping and you should consider this when you decide to purchase a set. After many years of use – in diverse environments and by diverse opponents – some of your stones may get chipped and you may have to discard some of them.

Bass: From personal experience/injury, I can vouch that a chipped glass stone can easily have sharp enough edges to cut through skin, especially if picked up in a hurry. The blood-on-goban effect is kinda cool, but having to hunt for band-aids will disturb your byo-yomi somewhat.

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