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Shygost's lessons are being transcribed by me for those who miss out on them. If you find mistakes, please let me know via this page, and I'll fix them up as soon as I can.

You can download the saved audio files, and the transcribed SGF lessons from [ext]

General comments

xela Now that's I've transcribed a lesson, I realise why there is such a long gap between the lesson happening and the transcription appearing on the web site--it takes much longer than one hour to transcribe an hour lesson! (Of course, it's possible that I'm just exceptionally slow, and others can do it more efficiently...) It's been a good way to review the lesson, so it's an experience that I'd recommend to anyone else; but I won't have time to do this every week--and we can't expect sduff and NannyOgg to handle the entire lot. Is there anyone else out there who would like to volunteer to transcribe the occasional lesson? Myself, I should be able to continue "subtitling" the 03:00 GMT lessons in real time, and maybe do a transcription once every four weeks or so. If half a dozen people are willing to take turns, it doesn't become a burden on any one individual.

NannyOgg I second xela's request, and it also would be great if we had some more people recording, so that there will be redundancy, and less chance to totally miss out on recordings of any given lecture (like Mar 4). I use camstudio to record, it's a free program, and pretty easy to use.

postglock: Thanks for the transcriptions and the lessons, however, I've downloaded the first three transcripted files from [ext] and all contain sgf errors according to CGoban v3.3.4. For example, the first lesson has about 30 errors, all similar to "A property with type "AB" on line 158 conflicts with another property. The previous property will be removed." I'm not sure if this is important, and of course the new version of CGoban may be to blame. Also, the sgf says to post to this page if there are problems, but the reference is incorrect. It says [ext] and is missing a question mark (should be [ext] ). Thanks!

Overview of dates / lessons

  1. January 10, 2006: Finding moves in the opening. [ext]
  2. January 13, 2006: Finding moves in the opening. [ext]
  3. January 17, 2006: Basic moves versus change moves. [ext] . Chiyodad created a [ext] 1 M pdf file
  4. January 20, 2006: Basic moves versus change moves. Transcription in progress by sduff
  5. January 24, 2006: The power of little moves. Partly transcribed on [ext] (This lesson consisted of a game review (Ju Jo Jaing - Paul Hu) and a teaching game. The Game review has been transcribed, the teaching game hasn't yet.
  6. January 27, 2006: The power of little moves.
  7. January 31, 2006
  8. February 3, 2006: Invasions. [ext]
  9. February 7, 2006: Invasions. [ext]
  10. February 10, 2006: Interesting moves. [ext]
  11. February 11, 2006: Chinese opening. [ext]
  12. February 17, 2006: Review of gottago game. [ext]
  13. February 18, 2006
  14. February 24, 2006: Where shy shares one of the teaching games he had with mr Yang.
  15. March 3, 2006
  16. March 4, 2006: Nobody seems to have been able to record this one, please let us know if you did. We have video, but no audio, so that's not very useful. Unless someone steps up with a recording, there will not be a transcription of this one.
    • NannyOgg- Found someone who recorded it, I got the files and just need to figure out how to open them, but looks like we got saved! Thanks, cynewulf!
  17. March 10, 2006
  18. March 11, 2006
  19. March 17, 2006: Teaching game against Plasmaflux
  20. March 18, 2006: 4H game, shy plays B, public plays W. Shows how to make your stones work together correctly.
  21. March 24, 2006: reviews of two games: teaching game with anonymous 5 kyu, and game with Feng Yun 9p.
  22. March 31, 2006: shygost was absent due to illness, so Battousai played a teaching game with NannyOgg
  23. April 7, 2006: shygost was absent due to illness. Battousai played a teaching game with GeorgeW

Numbering is off here since we didn't keep track for a while. So changing to bullet list

  • September 8, 2006: joseki, shy looks at a few popular joseki
  • September 15, 2006: How to invade moyos (san ren sei and others)

Transcription notes on individual lessons.

Lesson 1 (Jan 10, 2006)

"Openning" should be spelt "opening". This occurs several times in the SGF -- sduff

In the part of explaining why black should play b as an approach in the upper left corner. There is a point d shown twice as alternative play on the right side and in the upper left corner. And one of the d points is on the second line at s11, i think it should be r11 on the third line for the lower chinese opening.

Move 7 Shygost suggests this move, R6, as the 'Basic Move', at least locally. Should be R16, not R6

Lesson 2 (Jan 13, 2006)

Black likes this, so White has the burden of stopping black from exploiting this.

White can avoid this by approaching from further away. This stops Black from simply [simply what?]

Lesson 3 (Jan 17, 2006)

D13(?) is not that effective in the current board setup. If the board position were like this, Black's diagonal play is good.

But it is not usual to play it against the 4-4 stone.

Lesson 4 (Jan 20, 2006)

Lesson 9 (Feb 7, 2006)

Has been transcribed (should be in your mailbox, sduff). ( - NannyOgg)

NannyOgg - I put it up on [ext] for now till sduff has time to update the tengen page.

Lesson 10 (Feb 10, 2006)

Working on transcribing that one, but keep getting distracted by life ^^ Hope to finish it this week. ( - NannyOgg)

NannyOgg: Done! It's at [ext]

Lesson 11 (Feb 11, 2006)

NannyOgg: Started transcribing this one on April 6, Finally DONE! [ext]

NEW: Shygost lectures video via bittorrent

NannyOgg:Added on September 2, 2006

Happy to announce that we managed to get nine of the shygost videos available using bittorent. Here are the two bittorrent files for shygost's lectures.

  1. [ext] Shygost lectures for Azureus
  2. [ext] Shygost lectures for other bittorrent clients

There are two because azureus is incompatible with other bittorrent clients. So you must use the torrent labeled 'azureus only' if and only if you have azureus. All other clients should use the other torrent. If you don't know much about bittorrent, it's a rather painless process to get involved. We recommend the utorrent client [ext] .This client is lightweight and featureful. After you have downloaded it, you more or less just open the torrent file, and off you go!

Thanks to hlamonde for getting the lectures down to a reasonable size and to gryn for helping set up the bittorrent.


Videos available so far

  • February 4, 2006:
  • February 7, 2006: Invasions
  • February 17, 2006: Review of kyu game: gottago
  • February 18, 2006:
  • March 17, 2006: Kyu teaching game: Plasmaflux
  • March 24, 2006: Shygost shares and comments a teaching game he had with Yi Lun Yang 7p
  • April 3, 2006:
  • August 18, 2006:
  • August 24, 2006:

mafutrct: Some more videos are available at [ext]

Btw, could someone please add the status of the esnips videos?

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