Shusai Prize


The Shusai Prize (秀哉賞) is a domestic, Japanese recognition award given by the Nihon-Kiin to its most outstanding and promising player of the previous year. The first award was given in 1964; has followed an annual schedule; and is usually announced between January to March. The award is a tribute to Honinbo Shusai, who played an important role in the founding of the Nihon-Kiin.


Results Year Prize Player
1963 1st Sakata Eio
1964 2nd Sakata Eio
1965 3rd Rin Kaiho
1966 4th Rin Kaiho
1967 5th Kato Masao
1968 6th Takagawa Shukaku
1969 7th Rin Kaiho
1970 8th Ishida Yoshio
1971 9th Ishida Yoshio
1972 10th Sakata Eio
1973 11th Rin Kaiho
1974 12th Ishida Yoshio
1975 13th Otake Hideo
1976 14th Takemiya Masaki
1977 15th Kato Masao
1978 16th Fujisawa Hideyuki
1979 17th Kato Masao
1980 18th Cho Chikun
1981 19th Cho Chikun
1982 20th Cho Chikun
1983 21st Rin Kaiho
1984 22nd Cho Chikun
1985 23rd Kobayashi Koichi
1986 24th Kato Masao
1987 25th Kato Masao
1988 26th Kobayashi Koichi
1989 27th Kobayashi Koichi
1990 28th Kobayashi Koichi
1991 29th Kobayashi Koichi
1992 30th Kobayashi Koichi
1993 31st Kobayashi Koichi
1994 32nd Cho Chikun
1995 33rd Kobayashi Satoru
1996 34th Cho Chikun
1997 35th Cho Chikun
1998 36th Cho Chikun
1999 37th Cho Chikun
2000 38th Yamashita Keigo
2001 39th Hane Naoki
2002 40th Cho U
2003 41st Yoda Norimoto
2004 42nd Cho U
2005 43rd Takao Shinji
2006 44th Takao Shinji
2007 45th Yamashita Keigo
2008 46th Cho U
2009 47th Iyama Yuta
2010 48th Cho U
2011 49th Yamashita Keigo
2012 50th Iyama Yuta
2013 51st Iyama Yuta
2014 52nd Iyama Yuta
2015 53rd Iyama Yuta
2016 54th Iyama Yuta
2017 55th Iyama Yuta
2018 56th Iyama Yuta
2019 57th Shibano Toramaru
2020 58th Ichiriki Ryo
2021 59th Iyama Yuta
2022 60th Ueno Asami

Totals (more than twice, after 2022)

10: Cho Chikun, 9: Iyama Yuta, 7:Kobayashi Koichi, 5:Rin Kaiho, Kato Masao, 4:ChoU, 3: Sakata Eio, Ishida Yoshio, Yamashita Keigo

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