ShuHaRi is a Japanese martial arts term (Aikido, Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu etc.) and describes the stages of learning to mastery (if there is).

If give here an ultra-short and rough idea of what it could mean, most probably somewhat incorrect and incomplete, still better than nothing:

  • 1. Shu (守)- learning fundamentals, techniques, heuristics, proverbs etc. (Tradition)
  • 2. Ha (破)- forgetting them, i.e. finding the exceptions etc., reflecting on the truth of everything, finding new ways, techniques, proverbs ...
    (Break with the tradition; perhaps 'Finding your own style'?, e.g. Takemiya, Suiguchi etc. in Go as protagonists for a center orientated style)
  • 3. Ri (離)- there are no techniques, proverbs etc., all moves are natural, (well, by then, this supernatural being would be 13dan)
    (transcendence, more than knowledge)

"Shu Ha Ri is not a linear progression. It is more akin to concentric circles, so that there is Shu within Ha and both Shu and Ha within Ri. Thus, the fundamentals remain constant; only the application of them and the subtleties of their execution change as the student progresses and his or her own personality begins to flavor the techniques performed."[1]

I invite JohnF to write something sensible here about ShuHaRi with regard to Go.

[1] from [ext]


[2] DreyfusModel is IMO the same concept, yet more recently formulated in 6 different levels. (tderz)

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