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Chinese: 扇子 (shnzi)
Japanese: 扇子 (sensu)
Korean: -

Sensu(扇子): The Japanese word for folding paper fans. They are commonly used in ordinary Japanese daily life for cooling purposes but they are most familiar to go aficionados through their use by professional players during games. These fans are usually decorated with calligraphy of famous players, perhaps ones admired by the player using the fan or carrying an inspiring motto. Watching a pro match one is struck by the expressive use of the fans while the players are thinking: snapping them open and shut; tapping them in the hand or on the knee or even on the head; poking them into the thigh. In addition to providing a cool breeze the fan thus serves as a way of venting nervous tension. It is customary in Japan for a player who wins a title to create a special fan to commemorate the occasion.

  • Chinese 围棋 fan:

  • Professional players may be willing to autograph a fan. Here is a picture of Cho U signing a fan:

Cho U writing on a fan

Fans can be bought from many places here are a few:

tderz: Please note that the writing order of characters on fans is often the old right-to-left.

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