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Zarlan: Well, the SunXi Go Screensaver would be realy nice... If it didn't completely freeze my computer when I go in to the settings.

Herve: Well, i just released a new version, bug correction on register access. Sorry for inconvenience... I'm still looking for testers ... That would avoid that sort of bad news :( Please, tell me if you're still having problems. Don't forget to tell me what is your configuration, and windows version.

Zarlan: I have Windows XP Professional, Running on a Pentium II 450 MHz, 192 MB RAM and a Matrox Millennium G400 dualhead (which Windows blamed the malfunction on). It didn't freeze instantly. I was going to chose the directory where I have my SGFs, when it froze.

Herve: First, thank you very much for this report. I don't have many people who send/help to find bugs. I would like to know if you could click on the button (to choose your sgf file) or if it froze before. Anyway, i could make a test on a very old computer, a P200 with no 3D chip (emulated OpenGL) and it works perfectly ! This can also come from the drivers of your G400, in the past i experienced a lot of problem with exactly the same graphic card (G400 dual). I also would like to know if you're using the last version of this screen saver (1.01 - Released the 10 Feb 2005) and not another old version.

Zarlan: I had clicked the button and was about to chose the right folder. When I visited your site, I didn't see any 1.01. Anyway, I just downloaded what was there. I checked the exe-file and it says the version is

Rellik: First of all, the SunXi Go Screensaver is the best go screensaver I encountered till now. Here a a few points to improve it further. Could you make the time the kibitz text is shown make configurable? Maybe for 3 moves or something like that. At the moment the text vannish to fast that I could read it and understand what it means for the board situation. Also there should be an option to show coordinates. It should play random sgf files from a directory. It should play variants of a sgf file randomly (good for learning joseki with Kogo's Joseki Dictionary). The zooming is a little to close, maybe two rows in every direction.

Zarlan: I have now re-downloaded the screensaver and tried it again. And again it crashed my computer after a short while (the "preview-field" was at move 7). I tried again, but this time removed the 3D-board option quickly. No crash.

...well not until after I had chosen a file (why can't I chose multiple files? Choosing a folder and all sgf-files in it would be nice. With the option of also including all sgf-files in sub-folders), fixed the options to my liking, saved the settings and then tried a preview to se it in action. After a 5 moves there wasn't any action at all. After a reboot I tried going in to the settings to see if there was anything I could change so that it would work, but my computer froze the instant the settins window appered.

Herve: I'm terribly sorry for that Zarlan, i've released a new version (1.02) that should correct a little bug on some old OS like Win2k,Me. Sometimes, settings could not work correctly or could not appear. Now Fixed. Anyway, i've just made a test on an old computer, P200, Old Graphic Nvidia card (Riva128) with very old unstable drivers, with win98SE (not up to date ^^) ... And all works perfectly ... If with the new version, you're still experiencing problems, that must be your gfx card then. As i told you, in the past, i worked with it (G400 Dual screen), with all the problem i had (OpenGL drivers are not stable), i had to change for a GeForce 2, if i remember correctly, all my unstables programs became stable ... I of course admit that it can still come from my program and i'll try to correct all i can as long as i can. Thanks for your help Zarlan, thanks to Rellik too ^_^, wait for the next release, i'll add a sort of Go PlayList?.

kritz I love the SunXi Go Screensaver. Is there any way to have it randomly grab a different .sgf file like the TurboGo screensaver does?

Herve: Yes, in next release there will be a playlist (random or not file player)

tderz: It's just so beautiful ... the grain of the wood, the viewing angle, the shift of the camera, the reflections, the red "holy ring'' (?) hoovering above the last moves ... Thank You! (Windos XP, 2Ghz, video card?; did not yet try for own SGF, Pilot vs. Arwen's game is nice)

Sunxi: Hi tderz, thanks, all discusions about sunxi go screen saver has moved here => SunXi/Discussion

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