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This page has information about abandoned work(s).

Go screen saver that replays Go games in 2D and 3D. Many options are available, choose your favorite go games and watch them forever!

Current Version : [3.01] released on 07/04/2005

Available here : [ext]

Discussion is here => SunXi/Discussion

Project state :

This project is now over and has been replaced by U3DC a 2D/3D Editor

Features :

[XCb : External contributor, people who had the idea, or just someone who wanted to have his own feature in this product]

  • 2D Board
  • 3D Board
  • Board size from 2x2 to 200x200
  • Custom .sgf files in a playlist (XCb : Thomas J. - Michael S. - Kamil B. - Nengli L. - Bo)
  • Random play in a folder (XCb : Thomas J. - Michael S. - Kamil B. - Nengli L. - Bo)
  • Look in Sub-folders when browse for .sgf (XCb : many people)
  • 3D level of details
  • Complet 3D scene around the board
  • Custom 3D Marker, Torus, sphere, igo kanji, ... (XCb : Kamil B. - Rellik)
  • Custom 3D Marker size
  • 3D Filtering (Trilinear and anisotropic)
  • Custom camera movements (XCb : One mode from Bidibule)
  • Real stone placement, not perfectly placed on lines (XCb : Manfred M.)
  • Display in 16/9
  • Ability to split screen for one side in 3D and the other in 2D (XCb : Many people)
  • Board Tag, put your own image on the board
  • Coordinates, Grid can be enable/disable (XCb : Rellik)
  • Custom 2D stones
  • Custom 2D board size (XCb : Michael S.)
  • Custom opacity type for 2D Board
  • Many wood type + Custom board bitmap
  • System and OpenGL information with analyser of your current configuration
  • User can enable/disable OpenGL extensions (for performances)
  • Low CPU Usage for background tasks
  • Check for updates button
  • Display time/messages/FPS
  • Display X moves every N seconds
  • Display kibitz / Game info
  • Display game title
  • Prev/next move with mouse wheel (XCb : Kamil B.)

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