Sakata vs Takagawa

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Problem

Sakata (7p, White) against Takagawa (7p) in the 1952 Honinbo Challenger Playoff.

Late opening  

White W1 is considered too thin. Black played B2 and since White could not allow Black to build on such a scale, Sakata had to play tenuki.

In the following fight all marked black stones (and B2, too) died. However, this was all part of Takagawa's grand-scale furikawari strategy. Black won by resignation.

Before the game Sakata was considered the favourite. The game was won by Takagawa though, who went on to win the title and held it for many years.

Imagist: If I understand playing through, the game has three cases of furikawari. Black lets the top wall die in exchange for building a framework on the top left, then lets the top right corner die in exchange for expanding that framework along the entire left side, and finally the bottom right wall dies in exchange for winning a ko that allows him to destroy white's territory on the bottom. It's really a brilliant game.

Final position (black+circle is the last move)  

After exchanges, Black secured a huge territory in the left half.

Interestingly, this game features Crab Eyes during the opening.

What is the status of the white group in the left bottom corner? Can White survive?


Dave Sigaty: It seems to me that B1 and B3 are what happens if Black wants to try to capture White. The play at W4 seems to make miai of a and b. Basically at this point Black is ahead by at least 20 points on the board and so the game ends :-)
hnishy: Black c threatens d and prevents connection. White should defend.

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