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Kgs 14k-13k :)
My friends List: If you aren't on here, you must be doing something wrong :)

~If I forgot you, let me know.~

Official Owner of The Room of General Annoyance.

_~The Room of General Annoyance Momments in History~_

Diluted Evil

RizaHwkeye: ericth is fun!
YohAsakura: no he's not >_>
RizaHwkeye: well i think ericth is fun u.u
YohAsakura: he's kind of like a mix between Roy and Chippy
RizaHwkeye: Roy is the best :D
ericthblue: stop comparing me to roy ><
YohAsakura: he's ok, but him with chippyness is pure evil
RizaHwkeye: XD
YohAsakura: well not really
ericthblue: yay, i'm evil ^^
ericthblue: aw :(
RizaHwkeye: ericth, it's an honor to be compared to Roy!
YohAsakura: chippy is pure evil, chippy plus roy is diluted evil
YohAsakura: haha
RizaHwkeye: XD

Something We Should Know About?

tigress: zel we dont like roy
tigress: you like roy
RizaHwkeye: we don't?
tigress: try to understand this
haruto: yes im straight
haruto: ask tig if u dont believe me
Meepy: roy is mine
RizaHwkeye: why don't we like roy, tig?
haruto: ...
haruto: in THAT way she means
tigress: hmm well meepy does
tigress: zel meepy stole roy
haruto: is there something we should know meepy?

If He Only Knew

tigress: if roy only knew what happens while he is gone
tigress: XD

Inspiration to Men Everywhere

RizaHwkeye: roy's being mean to me, pay attention to me :O
ericthblue: aw, sorry riza. tv has my attention atm
RizaHwkeye: okay u.u
RoyMustang: :O
RoyMustang: your leavign a girl for tv !!!!!!
RoyMustang: your an inspiration to men everywhere -weeps-
RizaHwkeye: see, this is why you guys dont have gfs. u.u


ZeldaNinja?: what is Roy doing lookin at hentai?!
DarthVader?: ok keep it up and see what i post on your MS's
Akman: do you really want him to answer that,zelda XD

Job for You

ZeldaNinja: i gots a job for you, ketchup!
ketchup: the answer is no
ketchup: !
ketchup: ketchup doesnt do work
Meepy: I'll take it!
ZeldaNinja: i never said it was work.
ketchup: job = work
Meepy: does it involve donuts?
ketchup: = job = work = job
ZeldaNinja: ketchup, you are replacment roy.
ketchup: lmao
ketchup: no
ZeldaNinja: :O
ketchup: again the answer is no
ZeldaNinja: why not?!
Meepy: oh, I don't want that job either

Late Night Typoes

Envy: i forgot i ate all the pooptarts this morning
Envy: poptarts*
ericthblue: XDDD
Envy: oops
Schezkaa: XD
ericthblue: ah, gotta love late night typos XD
Envy: i didnt say that
Schezkaa: hahahah

Waiting for Roy

Meepy: hmm, waiting up for roy again?
ericthblue: aw, how sweet :)
RizaHwkeye: whaa?
RizaHwkeye: no, i don't stay up for the sole purpose of talking to roy.
RizaHwkeye: ever.
ericthblue: aw, how unsweet
Meepy: well I do ^^
RizaHwkeye: XD


Meepy: sometimes I dream about Roy...
Meepy: and zombies
Meepy: actually, only zombies
RizaHwkeye: hahahahaha


haruto: zzzzzzz *DROOL*
tiggGrr: XD
haruto: keep me up
RizaHwkeye: speaking of drool, where's roy?
tiggGrr: XD
haruto: roy = drool?
tiggGrr: lol
RizaHwkeye: indeed u.u
tiggGrr: XD
tiggGrr: -still laughing-
tiggGrr: XD
haruto: he's a liquidy substance that has enzymes?
RizaHwkeye: no, but he produces that general effect


shodansoon [-]: when your a kyu its self atari
shodansoon [-]: when you reach dan its called tesuji

Hail Meepy

ericthblue: hail meepy, commander of the sloths
ericthblue: ruler of the rains
ericthblue: master of the rengo
ericthblue: crowd: hail meepy
Meepy: *lights a bush on fire*
Meepy: greetings worshipers
ericthblue: the bush! the almighty meepy appears!
Meepy: *bush burns out*
Meepy: oops
ericthblue: crowd: hail meepy! *bow*
Meepy: *lights another bush on fire*
Meepy: I come to give you the following commandments
Meepy: 1. thou shalt have no Meepy before me
Meepy: 2. rengo is great
Meepy: 3. never make empty triangles
Meepy: that is all
ericthblue: crowd: hail meepy


Schezkaa: technically, i don't have a bf ^_^
haruto: tecnically i dont either
Schezkaa: XD

Shut Up and Teach Me

RizaHwkeye [-]: see, i told you your a good teacher^^
RizaHwkeye [-]: now shut up and teach me, sensei

Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect 200 Dollars

YohAsakura: ok thats it I'm off to bed
YohAsakura: *dashes to bed*
shodansoon: dashes to question mark*
shodansoon: thats what happens when you dont play ranked
keshigomu: dashes to GO collects 200
shodansoon: run!!! here comes the monopoly guy
shodansoon: and he looks mad
shodansoon: he warned you
keshigomu: haha
shodansoon: he clearly said "do no pass go, do not collect $200"

Lol at the Thought!

RizaHwkeye: you need to find yourself a roy to make your day u.u
ericthblue: maybe not a roy. but a female would be nice :D
RizaHwkeye: a female roy? XD
ericthblue: o_O
ericthblue: *shudders at the thought*
RizaHwkeye: -lols at the thought-

Drop Dead

RizaHwkeye: hi :D
ericthblue: nooooo! not hi!! anything but hi!!!
RizaHwkeye: *huggles*?
RizaHwkeye: that isn't hi :D
ericthblue: *faints*
RizaHwkeye: wow, i really AM "drop dead sexy" XD
ericthblue: XD

Boxen = ?

haruto: poor boxen thinkgs its tig
ChoUsRival: OMG
boxen: XD
boxen: i am
boxen: o.o
boxen: no wait im garnet
haruto: silly boxen
boxen: and zel
ericthblue: hey yoh
haruto: ur a tig wanna be
boxen: im zel and garnet
boxen: ._.
YohAsakura: heyy everyone
haruto: zel was never 5k o.O
boxen: hmm
boxen: oh tig played a game for me
boxen: >>
ChoUsRival: lol
YohAsakura: argh, I don't know who boxen is >_<
boxen: im zel
boxen: or garnet
RoyMustang: what OO
RoyMustang: huh?
YohAsakura: or despise
boxen: no
ChoUsRival: no boxen is both >> << >>
boxen: yes
haruto: silly boxen
boxen: depending on which of us is on atm.
ACErose: i know who boxen is
boxen: u.u
haruto: boxen is playing mind games O.o
YohAsakura: intresting, now who is it now?
ChoUsRival: boxen is our lord and savior
haruto: wait...whos's the boxen now O.o
YohAsakura: boxen=zel or garnet, but who is it at this very moment?
haruto: i think its zel o.O
boxen: -whacks yoh with newspaper-
haruto: now its tig O.o
haruto: who is it o.O
YohAsakura: It seems somewhat zellish in the sence that it has striken me with an object, although zel tends to throw appliances
Pocky: ello all
YohAsakura: argh all the new faces in here that I don;t know >_>
ChoUsRival: im not new >>
ChoUsRival: or am i ?
Envy: boxen=roy
Envy: btw

Messin' with Ericth

RizaHwkeye: -dances with ericth-
tigress: XD
ericthblue: great, make roy even more mad at me ><
tigress: XD
ericthblue: i don't want to die!!!

Not Playing!

RizaHwkeye: ketch, will you marry me?
ketchup: i already answered
ketchup: lol
ketchup: plus
RizaHwkeye: ...is that a yes?

ketchup: silly is ok
ketchup: marrying condiments to be silly
ketchup: thats not so good


Envy: -drinks ketchup- mmmmm blood
ketchup: drinking ketchup alone?
ketchup: where teh fries!?
RizaHwkeye: HEY
RizaHwkeye: ABEY!!
RizaHwkeye: that's my wife you're drinking! >:O
Envy: XD NO WAI!
ketchup: HEY
ketchup: RIZA!
ketchup: STOP NOW

I Demand You Pass.

ketchup: you people are smoking
RizaHwkeye: RIZA SMASH
tigress: XD
ketchup: some good stuff
ketchup: i demand you pass

First for Everything.

RizaHwkeye: hey, i has an idea.
haruto: thats a first

Quite Persuasive

ericthblue: roy was hesistant at first, but once you pulled out that knife, man, he didn't have to think twice
RizaHwkeye: XD
ericthblue: it was off to the chapel with you two
ruroku: dont listen to him >< you never married roy XD
RizaHwkeye: see? neclord knows!
RizaHwkeye: -pulls out knife-
ericthblue: XD

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