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Mef: Just a musing from me since there's been a lot of time discussion recently, if there's already an idea like this somewhere feel free to delete this.

I'd like to propose a new time system for some friendly games and teaching games, that works sort of the exact opposite of byo-yomi. Instead of having thirty seconds or a minute to make you move, and a number of allotted times you can go over, what if you had a sort of sit-on-your-hands time where you weren't allowed to play until after thirty seconds or a minute had passed. That would be a great help for people like me who chronically suffer from playing too fast, I think forcing both players to take time to analyze the board thoroughly before they can play would help promote good habits like counting during the game, also I think it would just elevate the level of play in the game in general.

SirLyric: I expect you'd have problems with people getting bored and letting their mind wander when there's an obvious answer to a move.

DrStraw Probably would only work if you stated that you must do this for a limited number of times during the game. Or maybe that you must use your total allotted time in Canadian style byo yomi.

Mef: Indeed, just like regular byo you could have 5 times or so where you can go under the necessary time (or I think the canadian style could work well, though it could also be quite humorous. I picture someone having just played 24 moves in 3 minutes having to wait 7 minutes on that 25th move to play), though in all honesty I think it's the "obvious answers" that really need the limit on them, because all too often there is a not so obvious move that is better, but it is never seen since the player doesn't think of looking past the obvious move.

Chris Hayashida: Taking from the "reading seconds" meaning in Japanese, I took this to mean that you counted the seconds backwards. :)

Kris: 1 minute per move is too long for a friendly/teaching game, a friendly game shouldn't last longer than 1-1.5 hours. I get seriously bored when my opponent takes ages to play and you don't really learn much. You should overcome your habit by assessing the game, knowing when to think hard at crucial moves not every move.

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