Retrograde Analysis Problem 5/ Attempts

Attempt by Lament (I don't currently have a Senseis account):

Eight moves, of course:


Black always passes.

If the problem implied that the solution should contain no passes, then there're several different 12-move solutions, and it seems that no solution can be shorter than 12 moves (since black has to spend 6 moves to build a B2 Bomber that White captures with the final move.

More than 12 - Remember W can't pass while she's building up the bomber! Reuven

Is suicide allowed?

moves 1-6  
moves 7-13  

B13 is "suicide"

ferdi: No suicide, no passes, please :-) I added it to the problem page, too.

Retrograde Analysis Problem 5/ Attempts last edited by PJTraill on November 18, 2019 - 15:40
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