Pushing battles in joseki 7

  Difficulty: Expert   Keywords: MiddleGame, Joseki
Go Seigen variation  

This is a variation played once by Go Seigen in a 1965 game against Miyashita Shuyo.

Go Seigen variation (continuation)  

In a 1996 Fujitsu Cup game Rob van Zeijst-Catalin Taranu there continued a large-scale pushing battle:

Van Zeijst-Taranu  
Van Zeijst-Taranu (continuation)  

Seong-june Kim 6d comments that W6 here is conservative (up to that point this has gone 'by the book').

Variation at White 6  

There seems to be the immediate tactical justification of W1 here, that the ladder is good for White to cut at W3.

Van Zeijst-Taranu (continuation)  

The fighting in the game now became difficult: B7 and so on were high-handed.

Van Zeijst-Taranu (continuation)  

White eventually backed down with the capture at W8.

Variation from White 8  

Kim gives this alternate way to play for White. Black has the driving plays up to B8; but then the position looks hard for him. The marked white group on the right side isn't something Black can hope to capture cleanly; and the cutting points a and b remain.

Charles Matthews

togo: It should be noted however, that this would depend on Black not playing B4 on W5.

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