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Online Go Anxiety, often shortened to OGA, is a problem that keeps people from either playing, or playing properly, on online Go servers. An effect of this anxiety on players is that they often log on into a server, but choose to watch other peoples' games and possibly also make comments, instead of playing games themselves. Players with online Go anxiety tend to play worse games compared to playing face-to-face.

A typical cause of online Go anxiety is the fear of airing the dirty linen in public, and is related to fear of losing. This is because games on online servers are broadcasted live to anyone who cares to watch, that the resultant game records are stored permanently on the servers for all to see. Online Go anxiety also occurs because of the fear of not knowing the opponents' intentions, thoughts, state of mind, or even their fears, since body language is absent in online games. The inability of seeing the opponents face-to-face may also cause anxiety during communication. Timed games, especially blitz games, are common on online Go servers, and may also contribute to this anxiety. Players who are too obsessed of their rank are more prone of getting online Go anxiety.

To overcome online Go anxiety, one has to find out and overcome the causes of the anxiety. One suggested method is to create anonymous or unranked accounts and start playing using these accounts.

Noah (~8k)

I feel sharing one's experiences frees others to admit their own problems.

I had strong online go anxiety because of the idea of game etiquette. I was taught that in a game in which you had lost, you allow the game to end, unless you have a serious, well thought out plan to make up for a deficit. When playing online, I encountered a few players who would, at the sight of a 30+ point deficit, play a series of moves after the endgame (by which I mean all territory was walled off and secured) in the hopes that a player would make a monumentally idiotic move and they could take some chunk of territory. While this did not harm the perpetrator, as they had already lost, I was told this was a severely disrespectful practice and I would become very angry, not outwardly, but inwardly. Also, these players always left before I could thank them for the game, so I began to hate playing online for fear of meeting a player that I felt was extremely disrespectful.

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