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I started playing Go on the Date of Febuary 13th, 2004. I wish to become a 10k ranked player by the End of This year.

Current Rank on KGS: 14k

About myself: I like anything to do with the arts. I dabble in many things, including Go, painting and Poetry.

My Philosophy on Go: A stone in atari on the 2nd line is most likely doomed. (Duh!) Actually, I think that the best way to continue to get better at Go is to play and lose. (Play at your best that is.) Many people don't like that idea, but it's the only way I learn. ;P

Edit: I've taken a hiatus from Go for about a year and a half now. I think I'll get back into it. Too bad no one on Kiseido wants to play an unranked person. Oh well. I'll keep trying

Another dream lost to the dust of time
Torn asunder by the flowing currents
A heart broken in the darkness.
A flickering flame in an airless void.
The voices come no more
Music no longer rings in these ears
Life has grown silent and cold.
Ever so Cold.
Images are gone to the dust
The dust.
And as one lays in the ever-night
He will realize that
Some things that are lost
Were never really there.
       The abyss beckons to me
A haunting presence in the darkess of my soul
I crawl to the bronze-lined edge of Tartarus
Lost in the Darkness of the depths
Drawn by the Demons of my heart
As I contemplate my own demise.

Tamsin: Welcome to Sensei's, nfok3. I liked your poem, especially the last stanza.

chrpa: Quite nice the poems are. With regards

Phelan: Regarding KGS players not playing unranked persons, it is now easier to get a rank, you can play a few games against the bots. Maybe not as fun, but it's better than struggling get a game... Have a good comeback!

nfok3 last edited by Phelan on January 12, 2006 - 17:32
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