Middle Game Discussion 1

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unkx80: This discussion is taken from Philosopher's Stones. Without finding a suitable place to put this discussion, I am creating this page, linked from middle game analysis.

Black to play  

In the game, White had at white+circle. In my opinion, this is a rather bad shape which does not fix the weaknesses on the upper side.


My suggestion is for White to play W1. This move should fix the weaknesses better. Another alternative would be a, but I suspect it is not as good as W1, because Black can play the peep at W1.

The powerful move  

Please take some time to muse through B1. It thoroughly exposes the weakness of white+circle. White has no good reply because the ladder is favourable for Black.


To prevent the vital stones from being captured, W2 must connect. So B3 and B5 naturally pushes down, rendering white+circle a totally useless move. Now, White finds it very difficult to decide whether to play at a or b.

Black is very thick  

If W6 chooses to play safely, then the atari at B7 feels extremely good for Black, and B9 connects. White is sealed in, and Black is extremely thick outside.

Painful for White  

If W6 plays the hane, then the atari at W7 is also very painful for White. After B9, W10 cannot cut at a, neither can W10 be played at b...

White captured  

white+circle is a mistake, which allows the attachment tesuji at B1. After B3, the game is as good as over.

White almost collapses  

Black continues to push at B1, and return to connect at B3. On the upper side, White has three distinct weak groups, so it is almost as good as saying White has totally collapsed.


Dieter: I favour the firm capture at a :


How large is the aji of the marked black stone ?

unkx80: Um... yah, will think again another time.

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