Kuksu 47 Game 4 Melee

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Game commentary
Position after B139  

HolIgor: As we know by now, black a kills the white group which is about 12 points miai. Quite a lot. White has to capture to live and I think most everybody would do so.

Moves 140  

HolIgor: White starts a hunt for the black's bottom group. W1 seems big, It is not only the corner. If black kills the group on the left side and white plays at 8 black will have 3 weak groups and one of them will surely die. B2 is forced.

HolIgor: Is W3 forcing? It is difficult to say but since B4 is forcing in a sence that if now white builds eyes on the left, black will also have an easy eye at the bottom, black looses nothing playing B4. Of course, that's on the condition that he knows that he is leading.

HolIgor: W5 denies black an eye. B6 is somewhat strange. Why did not black jump farther?

HolIgor: W7 and B8 are just kikashi and defence. B10 as an answer to W9 creates one eye.

Moves 150  
Moves 160  

HolIgor: B10. That's it. This ko is huge. I have a game of mine with the Guiness world record for the size of ko. I have to publish it but it is difficult to find. This is not very far behind. If black wins the ko white has a problem with the right side group and since the group on the left side is in suspended state, one of them would be gone. A simple life is enough for black. White will resign in several moves.

I can continue with the ko-fight,but there is no interest and no discussion and anybody can find and replay the game to the end.

The next game I'd like to consider is the game against Wang Lei in the Fijitsu cup. The beginning is the alternative to this mini Chinese Yi has a problem with. I can do it for myself, ofcourse, but I'd like to hear some encouragement.

White cuts  

Suppose that in the final position white connects ko and allows black to live. What is the result of W1?

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