Korean-style Insei League

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Go teaching project from Alexander Dinerchtein 3p with the support of Korean profesionals:

It consist of monthly leagues on KGS and DGS, simultaneous games by Alexander Dinerchtein, Natalya Kovaleva and Hwang In-seong, email comments by Dinerchtein and audio-lectures (league game reviews usually) from the Pros and top amateurs.

The website (see below) is daily updated with game results in groups (leagues) A-D. This project started on 1 January 2010, when co-teacher Ilya Shikshin defeated 6 participants in a simultaneous

A participant (insei) can play a maximum of 52 games a month. The 4 inseis with the best winning percentage earn promotions to the next higher league. (there are 4 leagues A - D, from high to low and a handicap division)

Insei get a free-of-charge comment to a game for every four games played.

At the start of 2010, already a dozen future participants are on the waiting list. For paying the monthly fee, they straight away gain the right to all pro lectures, while the money will still pay for the first month of play, as soon as a free spot becomes available.

The monthly charge is 95 USD There are prizes for the best insei in A group : First prize: 100 usd. Second prize: 50 usd

At the end of April, 2010 A.Dinerchtein and his team started a separated Insei League on DGS.

Supporting professionals:


Korean Insei League on KGS: [ext] http://insei-league.com/

Insei League on DGS: [ext] http://dgs.insei-league.com/


There is a forum for both leagues on Life in 19 x 19: [ext] http://lifein19x19.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=44

List of top group winners:

  • January 2010: j13(Finland)
  • February 2010: danigabi - GabrielBenmergui (Argentine)
  • March 2010: danigabi - GabrielBenmergui (Argentine)
  • April 2010: danigabi - GabrielBenmergui (Argentine)
  • May 2010: danigabi - GabrielBenmergui (Argentine)
  • June 2010: supertjc (Singapour)
  • September 2010: Ergoproxy (Finland)
  • October 2010: Ergoproxy (Finland)
  • November 2010: Ergoproxy (Finland)
  • December 2010: Ergoproxy (Finland)
  • January 2011: Tien and Sadaharu
  • February 2011: flashback
  • March 2011: Tien (Finland]
  • April 2011: bloodarena?
  • May 2011: Ergoproxy (Finland)
  • September 2011: aguilar
  • October 2011: Wichmaster (Ukraine)
  • November 2011: aguilar
  • December 2011: aguilar
  • March 2012 (after the break and rules changes): aguilar
  • April 2012: aguilar
  • May 2012: RoyalCrown (Ukraine)
  • September 2012 (after the summer break)

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