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In the next release of Kombilo I want to add the possibility to export search results in a format suitable for Sensei's Library. Below you find the output of the current version for a typical search.

I would appreciate your comments: would you like to have other/additional information, or should it be given in a different form? Of course one can alway edit the output of the program, and mostly one will not want to use all of it, but nevertheless the function should make it as convenient as possible to present Kombilo's results in SL.

Finally, let me explain how to read the information in the 'Statistics' section. The first line is

Number of hits (number of hits with colors as in the pattern/reversed colors) percentages of games won by Black / White

The other lines have to be read as following (take e.g. the third line):

A black play at a occurred 184 times, and 183 times Black played there directly after the completion of the search pattern (i.e. there was only 184-183 = 1 tenuki). Of these games, 48.4% were won by Black, and 51.1 by White.

The 'databases' are the collections of SGF files that were searched -in this case the games of the GoGoDCD.

Search results

Search Pattern  


462 matches (158/304), B: 52.2%, W: 47.4%
Bd: 265 (265), B55.8% - W44.2%
Ba: 184 (183), B48.4% - W51.1%
Bb: 11 (11), B27.3% - W63.6%
Wc: 2 (0), B50.0% - W50.0%

Hits per database

/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/0196-1699: 0 games (of 304)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1700-99: 0 games (of 239)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1800-49: 0 games (of 324)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1850-99: 0 games (of 981)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1900-09: 0 games (of 242)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1910-19: 0 games (of 217)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1920-29: 2 games (of 298)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1930-39: 8 games (of 603)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1940-49: 7 games (of 245)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1950-59: 16 games (of 487)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1960-69: 28 games (of 750)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1970-75: 54 games (of 607)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1976-79: 41 games (of 674)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1980: 17 games (of 319)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1981: 13 games (of 344)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1982: 23 games (of 354)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1983: 14 games (of 312)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1984: 7 games (of 164)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1985: 17 games (of 207)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1986: 13 games (of 223)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1987: 11 games (of 221)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1988: 9 games (of 275)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1989: 7 games (of 435)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1990: 12 games (of 484)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1991: 12 games (of 519)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1992: 9 games (of 545)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1993: 6 games (of 298)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1994: 12 games (of 245)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1995: 8 games (of 233)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1996: 13 games (of 320)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1997: 22 games (of 224)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1998: 14 games (of 292)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/1999: 16 games (of 374)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/2000: 21 games (of 740)
/home/ug/kombilo/kombilo03/data/2001: 27 games (of 742)

DaveSigaty: Ulrich, this looks very interesting. I see nothing wrong with the format and have nothing further to suggest at this time. Perhaps when we have the opportunity to work with the output some more suggestions will become clear. WELL DONE! :-)

By the way, everyone interested in the avalanche pattern that Ulrich used above for his example check this out - the single-minded large avalanche. Dave

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