Kokon Meika Uchigoshu

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Kokon Meika Uchigoshu (古今名家打碁集, Go Game Collection: Distinguished Players Past & Present) is a book written by Kobayashi Tetsujiro & Kobayashi Kentaro, published in 1901. 24 games with no commentary on moves (only introduction of players).

A Photocopy of the original book may be viewed online at the Japanese National Diet Library [ext] here.

Table of Contents

緒言 1
元祖本因坊算砂法印、鹿塩利玄手合 3
本因坊算悦、恩達房手合 5
本因坊道悦、玄故手合 6
本因坊道策、南里与兵衛手合 8
本因坊道知、安井仙角手合 9
本因坊知伯、相原可碩手合 12
本因坊秀伯、相原可碩手合 15
本因坊伯元、相原可碩手合 18
本因坊察元、伊藤金蔵手合 19
本因坊烈元、鈴木順清手合 20
本因坊元丈、奥貫智策手合 22
本因坊丈和、四宮米蔵手合 24
本因坊丈策、林伯栄手合 27
本因坊秀和、坂口仙得手合 28
本因坊秀悦、中川亀三郎手合 30
本因坊秀元、高橋周徳手合 32
本因坊秀栄、村瀬秀甫手合 34
本因坊秀甫、土屋秀栄手合 36
本因坊秀栄、小林鉄次郎手合 38
小川道的、安井俊知手合 40
服部因徹、山本源吉手合 42〜77
本因坊元丈、安井知得手合 78
井上因碩、赤星因徹手合 80
本因坊秀和 安井算知 坂口仙得、伊藤松和 安田秀策、太田雄蔵手合 82

valerio: this book is volume 6 of "Igo Zenshu" (in 12 volumes). Meika, I think, means "distinguished family". Volumes 10, 11 and 12 of Igo Zenshu are on players of past and recent times. Copies of volumes 2 to 12 are in the same site; links to each volume are in [ext] italian blog.

John F. (Meika, I think, means "distinguished family".) No. It means "famous players" or "great masters".

John F. Looking at your page I see more things that need correcting. Shoshu should be shoho, imashiro should be kindai and the publisher of Hakubunkan, not Hirofumi.

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