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Hi all, I am Jürgen Samyn, a 28 year old [ext] Belgian. I'm currently 18 kyu. I discovered the magical world of Go quite recently (07/01/2003).

I blame it all on Hikaru no Go, that amazing anime (and manga as well of course), which I watched in the days before New Year 2003. ^_^

My interests are rather diverse: collecting manga and anime, roleplay (pen and paper), backpacking, photography, drawing, oh yes and reading (guess I better add a few good books on Go then). And according to most people I know I'm a netaddict... I'll neither deny nor confirm ^_-

  • A recent pictureA picture of me in Banff National Park (Canada, 2000)

Current study interests

  • I spend my lunch hour at work trying to solve[ext] problems. Nothing better than this to prepare me for play.
  • I suppose Igowin is one of my favourite proggies at the moment. But I still have a long way to go. At the moment I get an average of 12 kyu, but I'm still having problems getting below 10. Ah well, as another anime character (Golden Boy) says: Benkyo Benkyo !!! ^_^
  • You can find me on KGS under the nick PhOen1x, currently as a 18k


Confused: The rank display by Igowin is extremely unreliable and tends to overestimate you by 8 to 15 kyu. Going by my personal experience, if you can beat Igowin at even games reliably, your rank should be 20 - 25 kyu on KGS.

Jürgen: Ah, thank you for the information. There's so much here as to keep me fairly occupied the coming weeks.

Jurgen last edited by Jurgen on April 15, 2003 - 16:11
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