Joseki-related life-and-death example 6

    Keywords: Joseki, Life & Death

Found at Beginner Move Function Problem 3 / Solution

Initial position  

The exchange of B1 and W2 is usually considered a bad way for Black to close the corner, because it leaves aji at the 3-3 point. I guess, that in most cases, it is better to play at a or b instead of B1 if he wants to secure territory.(Playing B1 might be useful to make White heavy sometimes.)

White uses the aji with an 3-3 invasion.

A local loss  

Sequences with blocking at B3 here result in a local loss, leaving black overconcentrated.

Sacrifice hane  

If Black doesn't mind strengthening White, this sacrifice hane secures the corner territory.

Ko defense  

avoiding the Ko  

If Black has helping stones nearby, he might try to avoid the ko, with heavy fighting after W4.

Varations given by SnotNose and Alex Weldon
Anotation by Klaus

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