Joseki Related Life And Death Example 3 / Attempts


Charles A well-known position: can become ko.

What about this?  

White W2 is a different idea.But is it enough? (No, see below.)

(1) Not killing  

Playing B3 here can lead to the mentioned reduction, if Black continues with B5 at a. Other moves seem to fail. What alternatives are there for B3? Is White alive?

(2) Not killing either  

Hane both sides?  

SnotNose: How does White respond to B3?

Klaus: The "Double Hane" seems to kill, cool idea!

However, I'm still not completely convinced. I want to present an idea I found at oki wants tobi:

Different ikken tobi  

White seems to be alive here, but of course, Black kan play B3 differently in this case. He might try the vital point, but...


... the sequence a, b, c, d won't kill White, and beginning with will be answered at a. so how is White killed?


The play at 3 kills White. If White connects at 4, Black 5 makes miai of "a" and "b".


If White tries 4 here instead, Black 5 makes "a" and "b" miai to limit White to one eye while "c" and "d" are miai for pulling out the Black stones. Note that White 4 at five is met by Black 5 at 4. This position is an interesting collection of miai. :-)

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