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My name is Jenny Radcliffe, I'm on the Training Committee (i.e. exec) of Durham (UK) Go Club ([ext], I'm currently demoting myself to 8k British, but since this will doubtless go out of date again soon, see [ext] in future.

I very occasionally play on KGS with the highly original username of !simpkin.

I am interested, in Go terms, in things like the logistics of internal club ladders, and if anyone wants to point me in the direction of good articles on the Wiki or elsewhere that will inform me on the subject, I will be delighted. We have our own deeply complicated ladder at Durham which works surprisingly well given its ad hoc nature.

We have an annual tournament in June in Durham, and you should come. More information at the above Durham Go Club website.

Have you perfected the ruffle tesuji yet?

Certainly; I find pulling the nose or ruffling the hair of my undergraduate beginners when they are taking too long over a move is highly efficacious.

Charles Matthews Hi, Jenny! It sounds like you might be interested in point ranking scheme at Tokyo go clubs.

Ooh, thank you. I will examine it! - Jenny Radcliffe

Almost 20 years ago I ran a ladder at the Denver Go Club. We had rungs which varied with rank. I don't recall the exact numbers but you can experiment yourself. It was something like 10 rungs per dan grade down to 2 rungs per low kyu grade. Normal handicaps were used with komi varying between -5 and +5 depending on the exact difference in rank. The winner went up one rung, the lose down one. It ran for quite a long time and seems to work very well. DrStraw

Hi, Jenny! I tried to set up a club ladder.... well, it isn't used much. But you can find our system and the references I used at: [ext] .

Bjoern (Swansea Go Club)

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