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References to ease looking up the games referred to in this book in a games database. Useful if you want to follow the book commentary on your computer.

References starting with 'g' are identifiers in the GoGoD database, 's' ones are in the SmartGo database. (The intention is to be able to include references to other databases too.)

p4 s1974-11-27na, move 19
p10 s1975-06-09na
p11 s1973-05-29na, move 58
p17 s1963-09-02na
p19 s1973-09-25na
p21 -
p22 s1974-11-11na
p26 -
p27 s1954-05-23na
p29 s1961-02-22na
p32 s1951-12-01na
p33 s1968-10-03nd
p51 s1961-04-26nb
p55 s1957-02-20na
p55 s1972-05-25nc
p56 s1971-06-21na
p60 s1968-05-23na
p61 s1973-05-08na
p62 -, [ext]
p63 -
p64 -
p65 s1973-12-06na
p67 s1974-07-17na
p74 s1974-10-23nb
p75 -
p76 s1974-10-03nd
p79 s1971-05-14na
p80 s1971-06-16na
p85 s1946-08-28na
p85 -
p91 s1966-08-05na
p92 s1972-08-28na
p93 s1974-09-25na
p97 s1956-06-07na
p99 -
p100 s1975-06-12na, move 11
p104 s1975-07-21na
p107 s1952-03-11na
p109 s1954-07-16na
p112 s1975-03-14na
p116 -
p117 -
p128 s1974-05-15nb
p128 s1974-05-18nb
p129 s1941-05-08na
p131 s1956-05-02nb
p134 s1963-09-20na
p141 s1822-03-05na
p146 s1953-11-04na
p149 s1973-09-25na
p158 -, [ext]
p162 s1974-08-14na, move 13
p162 s1853-06-05nb, move 9
p163 s1971-05-06nb
p164 s1959-03-17na
p166 s1970-09-07na
p167 s1972-04-24na
p168 s1974-01-17na
p178 -
p179 s1968-04-08na, move 72
p182 s1957-02-15na, move 26
p190 s1951-11-14nb
p191 s1952-07-09na
p194 s1974-06-26na
p201 s1965-05-17na
p202 s1958-09-24na
p205 s1967-08-30na
p207 s1969-11-27na
p208 s1964-10-08na
p210 s1964-03-18nb
p212 s1971-09-17na
p213 s1957-06-28na
p215 s1956-10-01na
p229 s1963-12-07na
p240 s1975-05-15nc
p244 s1970-12-16na
p258 s1846-07-21na
p292 s1972-04-12nc
p293 s1972-11-16na

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