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Founded back in the heady days of 1989, you can find full details of our activities on our [ext] website.

For an overview of IGA History you can look [ext] here, but we hope to have a consolidated history page in place soon. There is also [ext] this account.

We have clubs in Belfast, Cork, Cobh, Dublin and [ext] Galway.

The European Go Congress was held in Dublin in 2001. You can read a visitor's [ext] travel journal, and also browse the history category of the Irish website to find more information, for instance, John Gibson[ext] 's diary.

The Irish Open takes place each year around March, and individual clubs also run tournaments.

The IGA also organises an annual Irish championship, correspondence competitions, and various other tournaments and activities.

On KGS there is an Ireland room under the national category. On OGS there is an [ext] Ireland group

The IGA has a [ext] newsletter to keep up with local Go news, to subscribe there is a form or email directly to newsletter at irish go dot org. [1] Other ways to keep up with the local gossip include the [ext] discussion group and the [ext] facebook page


The IGA has used at various logos over the course of its history. The early newsletters featured a simple kanji for Go. After a time a simple design of a joseki overlayed on the background of a map of Ireland was used. This design originated for something like the Fujitsu Grand Prix and was printed onto kifu for the event. It also appeared on the IGA website from January 2008.

The first to appear was an overlay onto a map of Ireland, attested from January 2008 (although it could have been added as early as October 2007).

The clover logo was the first added to the article, in 2009. It was designed by Suk Choi. Very shortly after, a protest was made that the official logo was actually the map overlay, and the article header was changed. In 2013, though, it was reverted to the clover. This was due to the clover having been adopted by the site between November 2012 and March 2013.

At some time between January and July 2020, the clover was replaced on the site by an imposition of the map of Ireland onto a black Go stone.

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