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The [ext] Irish Correspondence Championship is organised by the Irish Go Association. It began as a 9x9 competition, and later evolved into being played on full size boards. In its current format, it is normally played as a Round Robin split into different sections on the basis of ability, and or finishing position from the previous year - and/or entry numbers. Games take place on DGS, they could also be on OGS, but nobody seems to want to use that.

Previous Results

How To Play on Dragon

  • Every Dragon handle is listed in the crosstable, click on a name to challenge somebody.
  • Use the Invite this user button to create a game offer
  • Set the following options:
  • Rules Japanese
  • Komi 6.5
  • Manual setting (even or handicap game): Nigiri
  • Main Time 35 days (It will not go above 35 days)
  • Fischer + 12 hours per move
  • Clock runs on weekends
  • Rated (If you want)

How to Play on OGS

  • One day, when somebody decides to play on OGS, we will complete this section.


  • Try to start your games as quickly as you can. At the end of January you will receive a friendly warning if you haven't started. Stricter warnings will follow :) Let Ian know if your opponent doesn't respond to a challenge.

Results Table

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Irish Correspondence Championship 2019
Players: IaD AD CDP PR EB IrD JH NM JD AB Result
[ext] Ian Davis XXX [ext] loss [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] loss [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Win 4/9
[ext] Alex Delogu [ext] Win XXX [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Win 6/9
[ext] Carol Doyle-Plikk [ext] Loss [ext] loss XXX [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] win 1/9
[ext] Philippe Renaut [ext] win [ext] Win [ext] Win XXX [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] win 8/9
[ext] Eoghan Barry [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Loss XXX [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Win 3/9
[ext] Irina Davis [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Win XXX [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Win 7/9
[ext] James Hutchinson [ext] win [ext] win [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Loss XXX [ext] Loss [ext] win [ext] win 7/9
[ext] Noel Mitchell [ext] Win [ext] loss [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Win [ext] Win XXX [ext] Win [ext] Win 7/9
[ext] John Doyle [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Win [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss XXX [ext] Win 2/9
[ext] Alexiei Bottino [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] Loss [ext] Loss [ext] loss [ext] Loss [ext] loss XXX 0/9

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