Ladder Tournament


A Ladder Tournament is a tournament system where players organise their own games.

There are some variations the one described here is for starting from scratch.

  • All players start at the lowest rank.
  • Players within the same rank can challenge any player in their rank group.
  • Players who win a game in their rank are promoted to the next higher rank.
  • Continue this procedure until the highest ranks only contain one player.

At a certain pre-ordained time, the player at the highest rank, the top rung of the ladder, can be declared the winner.

A variation exist where the players are pre-ranked according to strength, so that each rank contains only one player. The challenge rule is changed to that players can only challenge players up to a number of ranks higher than themselves.

If they win they are inserted just above the defeated player. if they lose they stay at their previous rank.

For an example of this kind of tournament see the irish go associations [ext] ladder

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