Incheon World Amateur Baduk Championship/ Discussion

mgoetze: Well, my sources claim that the following four are tied at 4:0 each: Hiraoka Satoshi 8d (Japan), Kim Cheong-hwan 6d (Korea), Lezek Soldan 6d (Poland) and Cornel Burzo 6d (Rumania).

Stefan: Try a refresh on the "Results" page, m. As these are results after 6 rounds, it looks like China will not go to the semi-final knock-out stage, which is a big surprise to me. And all they did wrong was losing to Japan, so it is not like the Chinese representative really dropped the ball in a major way. But good for Emil and Dmytri, of course. Let's see whether the Europeans can break the Korean stranglehold on international titles.

mgoetze: My Korean isn't good enough to even find a results page!

GoStone: Try here: [ext] The Korean results page [ext] gives a slightly different table and shows the results of the final and semi-final.

HansWalthaus: Could somebody give a meaning to the two acronyms in the scoring table: SOS and SOSOS? And their use in determining the winner? I got this so far: Sum Opponents Scores, and Sum Opponents Sum Of Opponents.

Fhayashi: Sum Of SOS?

Dieter: these links are broken:

RetEsz I found this page:

This is a qualification tournament for the World Amateur Baduk Championship to Korea in Oktober 2005. I am surprised. In 2005 was World Championship in Japan. What is this tournament ?

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