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The other day I played a game on IGS, which I won. However, because we had not sealed up a bamboo joint at the edge of a very large territory, when we entered scoring mode, I did not receive my full points (in fact, the server said I had lost).

My opponent and I tried to get back into playing mode, with no luck whatsoever. Because of language confusion, my opponent either didn't believe he had lost, or for some other reason didn't want to resign. We were stuck.

Some connection problems ensued, and I was kicked offline. When I went back, my opponent was gone. I left him a message that we should finish up, he responded in the affirmative, and we decided that the next time we met online, we would settle matters. The game was stored and I nearly forgot about it.

Then, today, I went online and there he was. We loaded the game, and we were back in playing mode! Huzzah!

The lesson is: If you're stuck in scoring mode and you need to get back into playing mode, just drop the connection and go back online. When you load the game, it will be back in playing mode.

-- Scartol

PS. I couldn't find any info on this in either the IGS website or the online files, so I figured I'd post it here.

KarlKnechtel: On NNGS and LGS at least, either player can also "undo" during the scoring, which backs the game up to right before the last pass.

Scartol: On IGS, "undo" during score mode will only take you back to the beginning of the score mode.

Nacho: Maybe just adjourning and reloading the game will do the trick as well. I had a somewhat similar problem sometime ago, in a handicap game, I could see the handicap stones, but my opponent couldn't, so he said "let's try adjourn", we tried it, and it worked.

Andy Pierce: NOW you tell me. :) Today I gave up what would have been 81 points due to a one space gap in a wall (I play tired, very late at night after the kids are in bed). Strangely enough I never pressed "done" (at least I don't think I did), but after three "done" tries by my opponent, IGS scored the game anyway (I lost by 21.5). Lesson learned, I hope.

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