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I'm 39 and have just returned to Go after a long while away.

I'm about 18k or so and have played in a few tournaments.

SL and computer go together have been a huge boost to my interest in the game: I'm too competitive (= bad loser) to enjoy seeing my groups being trashed by stronger players and being unable to hit the little X in the corner. The club I used to go to had only about 8 players and met once a month. With SL and GnuGo, I hope to learn, play lots of games and get to a decent standard (10k?) before hitting KGS for some 'real' games.

Thanks a lot to all those who contribute to SL - it's appreciated. I'll try and do some editing/linking to pay my way.

Stefan: Welcome to SL, HighQ. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Many people would advise against your plan to play GnuGo more than a few times though. Not so much to learn that way and what you learn is probably wrong. Better to join human opponents a lot sooner on one of the go servers

HighQ: Thanks for the welcome, and the advice. I play mostly 13x13 at the moment as with job, house and family (2 children) I only get little pockets of time to do my own stuff. Would lots of 13x13 play be useful or might it give me bad habits as you suggest GnuGo could? Also, is getting to 10kyu this year a sensible target or should I expect to need hundreds of games (= many years) of study?

(Sebastian:) Welcome, HighQ! Trying to achieve a certain kyu has in my experience been as elusive as becoming a Major League basketball player for a 5' person. (See also my remark on geno's homepage). If I set myself goals, then rather concrete ones, which I can directly influence, such as the ones on the Playing Check List. Regarding the size you might check out Who should play on which board size. Playing on Go servers is a great experience; and don't be shy, there are many players that would be happy to learn from you. Just don't hit the little X, if you don't want to be an escaper.

HighQ: Well . . . been playing on KGS for a while now. Thanks to those who suggested I play real people.

HighQ: 3rd Feb 2004 - Hooray! I lost my '?' and am now officially 18k on KGS! Now I can start my progression to 9d properly ;-)

HighQ: 9th Feb 2004 - Weird. I'm now properly rated on KGS. This means I nearly always get a close game when playing other properly ranked players. This is stressful! I've discovered I'm suffering from FearOfLosing. Try the discussion page to heap scorn on me or lessen my guilt.

HighQ: 16th March 2004 - I'm now 16k ish. I went from 18k to 17k despite playing no rated games at all (I guess the people I had previously beaten had got better?), then I dropped to 17k? when the games I had played got too old. I played another 17k, won it in a huge dragon chase and got to 16k for the trouble :-)

Decided to rent out the new Antique Japanese Move Box I bought at a little shop in London . . .

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