Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 47 / Solution

Under the stones  

The solution includes a ishi no shita tesuji. After W1, a is a vital point.

Under the stones  

Black sacrifices two stones, hoping to destroy the eye by giving atari with B6 at B4.

Under the stones  

White makes the surprising move at W2, allowing Black to capture four stones!

Under the stones  

In the space created by the four captured stones, White can recapture two stones.


Pitfall 1  

Obviously, White mustn't answer B2 at W3 here.

Pitfall 2  

If White hastily answers the atari by (temporarily) saving her stones with W2, B3 kills.

No Under the stones  

If White fails to make the four-stone sacrifice, and connects at W5 here, then B6 takes three stones, and there is not enough room to play "underneath".


W1 makes one eye in the corner. B2 makes miai of a and b to take away the other eye.

Inferior for Black  

B2 here would allow White to live in ko.

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