Gokyo Seimyo Volume 3 Problem 8 / Attempts

Vital point  

The move 1 seems to be the vital point. Plausible responses seem to be a, b, and c

First follow up  

After the exchange of 1 & 2, if black b then

sente seki  

Black can only survive in gote in a seki. Move a is better since...

Anon: I'm confused how this is seki. Surely W will eventually fill up all outside liberties, and then can atari with a dead shape by playing above W2?

Black dead  

shevious: Anon is right.
Black is dead by the Pyramid Four.
Of course, White can do tenuki of W4 for Black B3.
Black B3 is death in gote.

sacrifice 3 stones  

White captures three stones for 6 points, while black lives with 4 points (assuming black cannot play ko for the whole group). This is 2 points worse than the seki variation, but black gets sente. It will normally be the best variation for both sides.

black 1 variation  

Black 1 here leads to the same 3 stone sacrifice

black 1 variation  

This black move dies since after 4 black cannot connect his 3 stones and black is left with only one eye around the captured white 2. Black could live with 3 at 4, but they get only two points while losing the corner part of their group.

black 1 variation explanding above  

wdst20 Graphical representation of black living as explained above. Here >you can see how costly this is. Black may live but white gains a lot

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