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Hikaru79: This used to be a thread on the Toriyama World forum, but it has since become extinct, so I thought I'd bring it back on SL, in the hopes that it reaches at least a fraction of the amusement the original did.

The concept is simple: come up with Go-related catchphrases. I'll get things started, although I only remember one of them from the lengthy list on TW:

  1. All your stones are belong to me! [1]
  2. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
  3. That group is so strong, it doesn't need eyes!
  4. Bah! Eyes are for kyus. (You can replace "eyes" by pretty much everything else, like "territory" or "good shape". To be used in "sour grapes" situations.) victim
  5. Go players aren't afraid of hurricanes because they only have one eye (in email confirming that a tournament in NC was still on after hurricane Isabella passed through the eastern portions of the state).
  6. A spectator of a handicap game: "How kind of White! One problem less for Black!" Mikesh
  7. Go is like investing: You can't gain as much ground if you're too cautious or conservative early on.
  8. Go: Bridge is for sissies. --Warder05 loves to play bridge.
  9. Go: It takes stones. --Warder05
  10. Go: Teaching grandfathers humility for four-thousand years.
  11. ...On the seventh day, Adam took 100 stones and resigned after move 43.

[1] This one was posted by Wegobad, not my original work. Warder05: Wouldn't "All your base are belong to us," work just as well? It'd be a little more obscure, but we all know that the video game was actually trying to tell players that it had become better than them at go since they spent all of their time in front of the TV.

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