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See [ext] for a summary of changes to the European Go Database


There is a new "country" Europe for online tournaments that happen in Europe, for example: [ext]


The EGD has now a Privacy Policy .[ext]


Notes from Lorenz Trippel's betterlife email:

Dear all,

in the recent years it showed that the calculation of the european go ratings needs a revision. It could be observed that there was a deflation in the ratings and consequently also in the european go ranks. It's natural that the ranks in Europe are bit higher than the ones in the United States or Japan but this gap even increased by the inherent deflation of the system itself. Some players did some research on this and finally Dave de Vos put up a webpage on [ext] to show the effect and propose a new formula. This new calculation algorithm has now been implemented. For stronger dan players there is often almost no difference, for the big bulk of players around 1 dan there is a change of bit less than 1 rank upwards, so for example a 1 kyu with 1992 rating points (GoR) has now 2068 GoR and can play as 1 dan, a difference of about 60 to 100 points. For a single or double digit kyus this change can make up to 140 rating points, it depends bit how many tournaments / games he has played.

We also expanded the rank floor from 20 kyu to 30 kyu. The intention for this change is to give beginners an easier start into the world of rated games as the usual case till now was that a beginner not only lost most of his games but also stayed for a long time at 20 kyu.

It's now more than a year that me and Julien Corcessin took over the european go database. At the moment it's bit more quiet than usual but still there is a lot of daily work validating the tournaments results and doing small improvements as the ones you see now. We still have a lot of work in lifting up the whole system to current web standards. If you are knowledged in the areas of PHP programming, databases, web design or simply want to help update the documentation or help validating tournaments please don't hesitate to contact us! There is also room for new projects like e.g. having an integrated web application for doing the tournament pairings instead of entering them in an offline java program.

Please, if you know some programmers let them know that we are very interested to have more people in our team!

I would like to say thanks to all members of the rating commission making this upgrade possible and a special thanks to Dave for all the work he has done.

Cheers, Lorenz (EGF Secretary and EGD rating manager)


PS: Until the AGM in 2022 online tournaments can be entered as class C if they are well organized with proper anti cheating measures and national online championships can be entered as class B.


Not the real date as I don't know it, but there is some information about the Raing System Commission at [ext]


According to a decision taken by the board of the European Go Federation ([ext], there is no more a restriction preventing handicap games to be inserted into "A" class tournaments.


The file format of the tlist.html file (the complete tournaments list) has slightly changed; now it reports also number of rounds and of players for each tournament.


The EGF Rating Commission has approved the inclusion of tournaments played with the Fischer timekeeping system.

Rules are as follows:

  • TA = basic time (BT) + bonus calculated for 120 moves
  • Class A: minimum BT 45 minutes, minimum TA 75 minutes (e.g.: 45 minutes + 15'' per move)
  • Class B: minimum BT 30 minutes, minimum TA 50 minutes (e.g.: 30 minutes + 10'' per move)
  • Class C: minimum BT 20 minutes, minimum TA 30 minutes (e.g.: 20 minutes + 5'' per move)


All-countries statistics page has changed. Now it reports only european countries (extra-europeans countries still can be chosen from the drop-down list at top), and a total final row has been added.


Tournament wall lists have been enhanced with players' photos. The feature is still experimental, since I want to evaluate feedbacks about page loading time. The good old wall list in plain text is still available.


A long requested feature has been added: [ext] It provides nice winning statistics for both even and handicap games.


A new file - allworld_lp.html - has been added to the downloadable tables. It is similar to alleuro_lp.html, but it contains also non European players.


U.S. AND EURO PLAYER DATABASES LINKED: The new AGA Player Database ([ext] and the European Go Database ([ext] have now been cross-referenced with links for those players who have competed in events in both Europe and the United States. The new links are shown in the cards of players who are in both databases: a box appears with a link to the same player's card in the "foreign" database. Currently, more than 300 players appear in both databases; examples include Ian Davis, Horst Sudhoff, Thomas Derz, etc...


  • : The new Charts comparison module has been added. Now it is possible to get up to four players' progression charts plotted in one graph.
  • : For the graphs shown on the players' card is now possible to select the date range.


The GoR progression charts have been modified, so that the x-axis now reflects the correct timespacing. Until now, they reported the events equally spaced, regardless of the time.


For those so eager to know their next GoR that they cannot wait until a tournament is on line, or simply want to simulate what had happened if..., a long wished GoR calculator has been added.


Has been implemented a webservice which allows to get players' data in a JSON structure. You can get them providing a PIN OR a set or other data:


[ext] [&name=XXXXX][&country=XX][&club=XXXX]

N.B.: lastname OR country are required

Example 1: [ext] returns: {'retcode':'Ok','Pin_Player':'12098053','Last_Name':'Podavini','Name':'Aldo','Country_Code':'IT','Club':'Mila','Grade':'4k','Grade_n':'26','EGF_Placement':'2822','Gor':'1572','DGor':'0','Proposed_Grade':'','Tot_Tournaments':'30','Last_Appearance':'T081101D','Elab_Date':'2009-04-03'}

Example 2: [ext] returns: {'retcode':'Ok', 'players': [ { 'Pin_Player':'10249679','Last_Name':'Hospodar','Name':'Ivan','Country_Code':'SK','Club':'Kos','Grade':'5k','Grade_n':'25','EGF_Placement':'0','Gor':'1707','DGor':'0','Proposed_Grade':'','Tot_Tournaments':'32','Last_Appearance':'T000901','Elab_Date':'2009-04-03' }, { 'Pin_Player':'10425184','Last_Name':'Hospodar','Name':'Daniel','Country_Code':'SK','Club':'Kos','Grade':'20k','Grade_n':'10','EGF_Placement':'0','Gor':'100','DGor':'0','Proposed_Grade':'','Tot_Tournaments':'2','Last_Appearance':'T970712D','Elab_Date':'2009-04-03' }, { 'Pin_Player':'12098053','Last_Name':'Podavini','Name':'Aldo','Country_Code':'IT','Club':'Mila','Grade':'4k','Grade_n':'26','EGF_Placement':'2822','Gor':'1572','DGor':'0','Proposed_Grade':'','Tot_Tournaments':'30','Last_Appearance':'T081101D','Elab_Date':'2009-04-03' }, { 'Pin_Player':'12098625','Last_Name':'Podar','Name':'Stefania','Country_Code':'RO','Club':'Bist','Grade':'20k','Grade_n':'10','EGF_Placement':'0','Gor':'100','DGor':'0','Proposed_Grade':'','Tot_Tournaments':'1','Last_Appearance':'T990703E','Elab_Date':'2009-04-03' }, { 'Pin_Player':'13698168','Last_Name':'Spodar','Name':'Nazar','Country_Code':'UA','Club':'Riv','Grade':'15k','Grade_n':'15','EGF_Placement':'0','Gor':'439','DGor':'0','Proposed_Grade':'','Tot_Tournaments':'2','Last_Appearance':'T031115H','Elab_Date':'2009-04-03' } ] }


The tournaments' confirmation workflow has been modified in order to avoid occasional lapses in GoR update.


The Tournament Card has been slightly redesigned. Now it displays players' pictures.


A bug in GoR calculation has been fixed, then all ratings have been recalculated. Therefore some slight differences may be observed.


In the Tournament Card have been added two columns to the games list for the selected player: Color and Handicap.


Player's per-game GoR evolution : In the Player's Card has been added a button, similar to that recently added to the tournament card, which allows you to see the complete development of one player's GoR evolution, game by game.


GoR progression thumbnails : In the [ext] players gallery below any player's picture has been added a small graph with his GoR and rank progression

Per-game GoR variations in tournaments : In the Tournament Card has been added a button which drives you to another page with complete details of per-game variations determined by that tournament.


As it has been said, since April 3rd, 2009, the European Go Database is updated in real-time by results tables submitted by tournaments organizators, so this page won't announce any more data updates, since they are continuous.

However, it will announce every upgrade of the interface, new features, and so on.


Since April 3rd, 2009, E.G.D. is updated in real-time, as soon as Tournaments Directors upload their results. You won't wait for monthly updates any more!


Database now includes: 23.702 Players, 4.787 Tournaments, 448.214 Games.


Database now includes: 23.566 Players, 4.745 Tournaments, 444.991 Games.


New update.


Database now includes: 23.295 Players, 4.673 Tournaments, 439.247 Games, 348 Recorded games (.sgf ), 200 Players' pictures. New link [ext]

... (several unreported updates :) ...


Database updated to September 1st.
Includes the 2006 European Congress Results!


Database updated to June 1st.
Send us your picture!


Database updated to May 5th.
More pictures in the Player's Gallery...


Database updated to April 5th.

A new feature (still in beta) has been added: if you go to the main menu you will se on the top of the page a new link to the "Player's gallery": a new page that shows all players that have submitted a picture, with their basic information. At the moment, the page shows the latest 20 players, but you can modify the url where it says "max=20" to make it show more, just by typing there a large number, say, 50 or 60.


Database updated to February 2nd


Thanks to a new format of some files that feed the EGD, we have tackled the problem of players changing name during their playing career (most notably ladies taking the name of their husbands and persons changing sex).
Now the player's pin is univocal and their data are to be found under the latest name.

More and more players are sending their pictures, why don't you send yours?
It's easy, instructions are on your page...


Database updated to January 6th.


Database updated to December 1st.


Database updated to November 4th.


The database has been updated to October 6th.


EGD is out of the beta stage to enter adulthood as version 1.0.
Data have been updated to Spetember 1st, including of course the results of the European Go Congress. Lot of small but nice features have been implemented: go and discover by yourself!

We do hope the project, especially the statistics features, will be of help in the on-going discussion about European ranks and ratings. Aldo Podavini, one of the project leaders, has volunteered to be in the study group on such matter.


The database has been updated to July 22nd.


For you statistics freaks!

A new graph has been added in the Statistics pages that plots the spread of the GoR vs. the rank declared by people entering the tournaments, comprehensive of linear regression.

Just to spot the cheaters... ;-)


Data and results of May 2005 tournaments have been uploaded.

Now you can help us to improve the database: send us portraits of players and sgf files of played games.

Portraits' file format:
PNG files, 80 x 115 pixels
This is the format we need; of course we can re-arrange every format you will send, but we greatly appreciate if you could do this for us :-)

The name is composed by the PIN's of the two players, the tournament code and the round.
Ok, it looks like an hard job, but it isn't ! :-)
Indeed, you can go to the games list (by player or by tournament), double-click on the small blurred icon in the column "Sgf" for the given game, and you'll see a small window reporting the name of the file; copy & paste it, et voilą !

As you can easily understand, we must be a little careful about WHO sends us data, in order to prevent bizarre pictures or so to be published. So please, send us data directly from your addresses, or send us the names of people we can trust. Anyway we'll send a reply to the sender of every posting.


Some sgf have been uploaded (and some pictures too... try to guess where...). You can replay them in a window similar to the replaying window of [ext] Go Base. Pretty soon you'll also be able to download them!

To see how it works, look for the player with pin code 12437128, (Mr. Peter Korossy-Khayll), switch to the Games List and click on the sgf icon.
See also Mr. Federico Odorizzi (pin 13662385) games.


Data and results of May 2005 tournaments have been uploaded.

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